Polynesian Music Report

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This report describes a live experience of a chant song from an early Polynesian music. The song was chanted using hymns in which the melodies were sung by use of different voice parts and with simple and elaborate melodies. The instruments that were used included drums which were played by hands together with use of sticks. The slit drum in a small canoes design was played with hard gestures as well as hip movement illustration of the music world and melody. The rhythm of the music was fast and well emphasized by the clapping of hands and stopping of the feet. The dancers were as well dressed in native colorful clothes that appeared very native. This were grass skirts as well as lies such as those worn by hula dancers. The tempo of this song was moderate but sometimes it could be very fast or slow during the song. This greatly influenced how the song sounded and felt at different points. The song was also performed in a soft sound note which indicated it’s dynamic with a more subtle degree of softness but loud. The mood of the song was providing a soothing, relaxing and a happy atmosphere. It is important to point out that, my personal reaction of the song was positive since the song embraces various native and cultural values of the people with good characterization of the use of musical instruments, mood, dynamics and tempo. The composer of this music was a college music student from Polynesian. The composer had composed and performed various native songs from this region that have been used to characterize the old culture of this people and with a renowned experience in concretization.

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“Polynesian Music Report”

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