A Cool Jazz Band

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From the very beginning their stage presence enticing! It gave you a sense of professionalism. Their demeanor spoke loudly and it shows from the very beginning. As soon as it starts, each third of the Bill Evans trio gets lost in their instrument. Never fully making eye contact with the audience again. That’s how much they immersed themselves in the music.

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“A Cool Jazz Band”

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Huge thing I noticed and fell in love with were the dynamics of the group. At multiple points in this concert, it’s almost as if they take turns feeding each other supportive melodies while the other takes the lead. An example of this would be at the 4:05 minute mark where the two quiet down and let Chucks bass shine through. They never stop playing, but they are able to give supportive rhythms/melodies that take the back seat to his bass, yet are still satisfying to listen to. Another example would be the song that starts at 27:17. It starts out fast pace and loud but then drops off instantly at about the 27:31 mark where it is taken down several notches and Bill Evans piano solo is able to overshadow the percussion and bass, but still receiving the quiet, faint support. Incredible dynamics this group shares.

From diving into the concert, I noticed that there are extremely different characteristics between cool jazz and the other jazz genres. Like smooth jazz for instance. It’s slow most of the time. And also melodic. Where as here in cool jazz, the tempo is much faster. With every song in this set, the pace was very fast and at times chaotic. Nevertheless they still find a way to make art out of the busy tempo that is cool jazz. Even the songs you think that will be slow, like Waltz For Debby at 1:04:38, pick up really fast. The progression is flawless.

In conclusion, they made me feel. I enjoyed it just as much as the audience did. What makes cool jazz and the Bill Evans Trio so unique is that unlike the classic jazz we all know and love, cool jazz tends to break rules. It’s fast, it’s loud at times, it lacks structure, but all by intelligent design. It promotes duality, a thing which can be most precious in music. I enjoy cool jazz and also this band for showing us that you can create harmony from chaos.

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