Jazz Concert Report

On 01/12/2018, The Royal Room made the honor to host a unique and spectacular concert on the south part of Seattle. I had never attended any jazz or ensemble concert unitil this day. Their performance was just a show of different harmonies.

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It is beautiful to see different individuals coming together and form a music group. The beauty of this is everyone brings something spectacular on the table whether it be in dynamics, harmonies or even texture etc. I was not really a jazz fan going in there but after seeing the uniqueness in musical combination of this group I might change my mind on this genre of music. The lounge décor was also in sync with the performers style, dim lights in the room with roses at each table made it have a romantic feel. The atmosphere was calm/soothing.

An aspect that Captivated me was the show of harmonies. I tremendously enjoyed their performance because of how easy it was to analyze the music. When the first song played, the whole room was well focused. I mean, it is the first song so, we were all trying to analyze what the band had to give our ears for the night. At first, I had no idea what was going on musically. It took me a while to catch on the different sounds. After a while into the songs, I caught that they were singing some songs I was familiar with. So, I took a grasp of the melody that was being played and it instantly put me in a vivacious mood. One of my favorite performances during the whole event, was a showcase a quartet with a tenor sax and a trombone. I thought the music had a very intense and captivating tune.

The antiphony was also very strong at the beginning of the music. What was conflicting was the use of minor notes and keys it gave weird noises. I could not stop looking at the saxophone player. He was very adept at was he was doing, and he put a lot of emotions to it. He filled me with satisfaction and admiration with his performance. It was just so obvious about how the musicians were passionate about their performance. The song Pressing the skins had a lot of saxophone playing in between and was very upbeat with a beautiful soothing piano sound. The rhythm gets faster towards the end with a moderate change in dynamics throughout the song.

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