Brahms’ Double Concerto – Concert Review

I am very into music and it has been one of the most impactful things in my life, I’ve been one to try to venture out into different type of music but I listen to generally hip-hop. Many find simple comfort in listening to music and can put people into all types of different moods and can help them get through the day. Ranging from classical era to modern day music it has the same effect on most people.Con The concert I attended was over spring break I remember this concert vividly because this was one of the first concerts I we went to that was out of my comfort zone only because I was forced to go also because this semester has been very hectic and it was soothing to go to a classical music concert. I went to see Zach De Pue and Austin Huntington perform Brahms’ Double Concerto. The performance consisted of Zach De Pue on the violin while with Austin Huntington played on the cello. The concert featured pieces from Johannes Brahms and Franz Joseph Haydn. The whole concert was broken up into three main pieces. The beginning piece was the work of Johannes Brahms. The first composition performed was Concerto in A minor for violin, Cello, and Orchestra, Op. 102 The movements performed in the concerto range from the years eighteen thirty-three to eighteen ninety-seven. The concerto was made up of three movements by Brahms. The first was Allegro. The second being Andante. The third and final movement being Vivace non troppo. This piece consisted of a violin, a cello, flutes, clarinets, oboes, horns, trumpets, bassoons, and strings. Starting off the Allegro movement had a very bold sound. It was very loud, and caught the audience’s attention. It then quickly moved into a solo type part for the cello. The tone of the movement changed from a more loud and unified sound to a sort of quiet and down to earth feel. It made me feel relaxed to a certain extent just a very soothing tone. After the movements focuses toward Huntington on the cello. After the cello, the piece transitions onto some wind instruments having a softer tone to them. Wind instruments have always been one of favorite sounds amongst all except maybe string instruments, but the winds sounded terrific in this part of the concert. The wind instruments then fade out and De Pue then steps in and the piece focuses on the violin. The celloist accompanies the violin for a short period, and then transitions into the whole orchestra. This was probably my favorite part of the concert everything just was flowing great and sounded good together it almost sounded as untamed but organized at the same time with all the instruments playing at once like that. The entire orchestra continues to play in unison. The tempo starts to shift in and out. Usually being sped up when the entire orchestra is playing and slower when the cello and violin come in. The violin and cello compliment each other throughout. It was kind of high pitched but sounded great. But at times it did start to sound more peaceful. But, it soon would go right back to being loud . The second movement was Andante it started off with wind instruments giving it a very quite tone. Sounding sort of relaxing and soothing. It then once again transitioned into the violin and cello as well as the orchestra which sped it up and made the tempo faster. The pitch was kind of soft and flowing sort of like a water going through a river calmly. It brought a harmony throughout the entire concert. No instrument seems like it’s being focused they are all accompanied by other instruments to compliment them throughout the concert. Finally, Vivace non troppo, the third movement in this composition, starts off with a quicker tempo than the previous movements. The movement seemed to keep a quicker tempo, only slightly slowing down a bit. However, it would then quickly pick back up. The tone of this piece seemed to be rather dramatic. If it were being viewed as telling a story I would imagine it being the climax of the story.

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“Brahms’ Double Concerto – Concert Review”

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It’s interesting listening to classical music and hearing just instruments in an orchestra and trying to truly listen and appreciate the music itself without any vocals are lyrics that we our used to in most modern music. It’s nice to try to pick out your favorite instruments and sounds that you enjoy throughout the songs. And after the concert I listen for specific instruments, tone and sometimes even the pace of the music I am listening to connecting all of the music I listen to the way I listened to the concert gives me a new perspective in my favorite music.

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