Felix Mendelssohn – Piano Genius

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Felix Mendelssohn created dozens of songs without words. One of the most famous pieces is “Spring Song” also known as ‘’Frühlingslied’’ in German. This song is mostly heard in cartoons and movies to express a funny moment this piece was published by Armstrong music in New York. The song shows an image of two females lying in a grass field.

The Instruments that were playing in Spring Song were piano, violin, cello, flute and clarinet. The Spring Song is a slow and it doesn’t change but is a calm and relaxing. Its starts off with playing the piano and then once it hits a minute the other instruments start playing. The piano has its solo in the beginning. There isn’t much movement in the song.

Song 2 Songs Without Words

The sheet music is the song called “Songs Without Words” composed by Felix Mendelssohn in 1847. The song is A major.

Another popular song by Felix Mendelssohn is called “song without words”. This was one of the first songs he ever created. Many people did not understand the music but Felix eventually explained to the public that your supposed to interpret the music yourself. Lots of People complained that the music doesn’t make sense due to not having words.

The instruments that play in Songs Without Words are Piano, Violin and Cello. The song starts off as slow and then starts rising and getting a little faster. All the instruments start to play together when the song starts to rise and then when the song starts to lower down it starts to become a solo with just the piano. There is some movement when the song starts to rise up and starts going a little faster. The melody is all on the piano and it starts to rise at minute 1:20.

Song 3 A Midsummer Night’s Dream

The sheet music is the song called “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” composed by Felix Mendelssohn in London 1594 or 1595. The song is E Major.

The third song we chose by Felix is called “a midsummer night dream“. Felix Mendelssohn made this song for Shakespeare’s play “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. Not only is it a popular song because the play but it is also still a mainstay of orchestral programs. The moral of the play is love at first sight.

In A Midsummer Night’s Dream the instruments that play are four woodwind chords, two flutes, clarinets, bassons and horns. The song is a fast playing song and it doesn’t change much but slows down then speeds up. All the instruments play all the time but when it slows down only one instrument plays then speeds up and all the instruments join. There is a solo for a whole minute of the first part of the song and it's a violin.

Song 4 Elijah

The sheet music is the song called “Elijah” composed by Felix Mendelssohn in England in 1846. The song is A major.

The last song we chose is called “elijah” and is based of the bible. This song is full of emotion from the arias. After the first show of this song at St. Paul, in 1836, he thought it would be a great idea to have a subject of an old testament prophet to create the perfect music.

In the song Elijah the instruments played are violin, piano and strings. The song starts off a dark slow style and then slowly starts rising up. It changes slowly and rising the attention in the music attitude. In the first thirty seconds the instruments don’t play but then they all start to play once the song is rising up. There isn't any solos but there is multiple movements when the theme is melody changes. The melody changes into a dark feeling in between minutes 4 and 5 minutes of the beginning of the song. 

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