Mary Shelly’S Frankenstein Explores

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Mary Shelly's Frankenstein explores how abandonment and isolation can cause chaos and destruction. The humans assume that the monster must be dangerous based on its outward appearance when in reality the is warm and open-hearted. Every village he went to he finds himself being rejected time and time again. A blind man named De Lacy is the only one who accepts the monster.

Walton says his crew members observed a huge savage figure in a dogsled speeding across the ice. When Walton uses the word savage he is judging the monster based on his looks only. After months of failing, Victor successfully brings his creation to life. But once the creation is alive, its appearance scares him so bad he runs out of the room and tries to sleep but is awaken by nightmares of death and tombs. When he opens his eye's, he sees the monster by his bed, reaching out and grinning.

He runs, and spends the night outside. Victor is flawed he messes with the laws of nature and things take a turn for the worst. For this I deprived myself of rest and health. I had desired it with an ardour that far exceeded moderation; but not that I had finished, the beauty of the dream vanished, and breathless horror and disgust filled my heart (Frankenstein). Victor abandon his creation because it's ugly and he imagines that it's evil. Before his brother William was killed Victor saw a figure resembling the monster. Then he realizes the monster killed William which means Victor is really the one responsible because he created the monster.

Victor realizes the cost of his misuse of nature and once again loses a little more of his innocence. Victor tries to escape through nature so he climbs a mountain called Montanvert. But Victor sees the monster and his whole mood was ruined, Victor curses the monster without knowing its intentions, and without knowing for sure that the monster murdered William.

He blames the monster, but he's responsible for its creation. The monster only turned to violent because his creator abandoned it, when the monster and Victor talk things through the monster admits that he was seeking revenge, you can blast my other passions, but revenge remains-revenge, henceforth dearer than light of food! I may die, but first you, my tyrant and tormentor, shall curse the sun that gazes on your misery (Frankenstein). but implies that Victor destroyed his innocence by isolating it. It didn't seem to matter where the monster went its appearance terrifies human, so he decided to avoid them.

The isolation is what pained the monster the most. All men hate the wretched; how then, must I be hated, who am miserable beyond all living things! Yet you, my creator, detest and spurn me, thy creature, to whom thou art bound by ties only dissoluble by the annihilation of one of us (Frankenstein). When the monster realizes why the family was upset he sets wood outside the house for them. The monster is actually kind and giving but most people are prejudiced and only judge on looks.

When the monster finally sees its reflection in a pool of water he finally realizes why people would run and scream when they saw him, I am alone and miserable: man will not associate with me; but one as deformed and horrible as myself would not deny herself to me. My companion must be of the same defects (Frankenstein). he realized that people judge by appearance rather than what kind of person you are, so he does everything he can to make sure that the family sees past his appearance.

As the monster learns more about humans and society he realizes that he doesn't have a society of its own he doesn't have anyone else like the humans do. When I looked around I saw and heard of none like me. Was I, a monster, a blot upon the earth from which all men fled and whom all men disowned? (Frankenstein). It is a key turning point in the story for the monster, he realized that he was going to be an outcast forever.

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