Deep Ocean Technology

Sylvia was named the First Hero For The Planet by Time Magazine in 1998. She has been acclaimed in her field(s) due to her incredible level of knowledge and expertise regarding aquatic life. For the majority of Dr. Earle’s career, she had been met with lack of recognition due to her gender. Sponsored jointly by the U.S. Navy, the Department of the Interior and NASA, the second Tektite project was to be all men until Sylvia. Preparing for Tektite II, Sylvia, and her team of fellow women scientists stirred controversy. Speaking with the director of the project over the phone, Dr. James Miller, she expressed her enthusiasm as a voice in the background said: ‘We didn’t expect women to apply”. Countless disrespectful and embarrassing articles had been written about her.

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“Deep Ocean Technology”

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Dr. Lucas, Dr. True, Dr. Szmant & Dr. Hurley, all aquanauts on the Tektite II mission pushed on, alongside Sylvia, completing their goals. William Graves, an editor from National Geographic, called Sylvia to write an article about Tektite II. The challenge was writing an article that could reach a great many in the public rather than a select few. Dr. Earle spent a lot of time writing a revolutionary piece and the title that was chosen again lacked recognition due to the scientists being female. “Beacon Hill Housewife to Lead Team of Female Aquanauts” was the title chosen & no less a slap in the face by the influential hand of National Geographic.       

Dr. Earle had helped to pioneer new types of underwater technology, working with reputable names in engineering such as Graham Hawkes. Together they founded Deep Ocean Engineering and through that first business, they produced over 300 remotely operated underwater vehicles (ROVs). Soon after they began designing and creating machines such as Deep Rover and DeepFlight through Hawkes and Earle’s shared company Deep Ocean Technology. Deep Rover is a one-person submersible, two 64” acrylic hemispheres allow for panoramic viewing. The versatile exploration platform is equipped with two, five-function manipulators, and an HD camera. Deep Rover is a 3300 ft (1000 m) depth-rated miracle. DeepFlight Challenger, another one person submersible, is an ‘aero-submarine’ which uses hydrodynamic forces to descend, as the sub has positive buoyancy, utilizing DeepFlight technology from Hawkes Ocean Technologies.

Both, Deep Rover and DeepFlight Challenger are vital tools, used by scientists, for deep ocean exploration. Innovations similar to the ones created by Dr. Earle and Hawkes have led to remarkable discoveries. One of the animals discovered, which wouldn’t have been possible, is a type of umbrella octopus, Grimpoteuthis, or dumbo octopus. This animal lives at depths of 9,800 to 13,000 feet, which is unreachable without a well-engineered submersible. In order to reach a wider audience, Sylvia began writing & co-authoring books. Dr. Earles most well-known piece of literature is called The World Is Blue: How Our Fate and The Ocean’s Are One. Another popular book by Sylvia is Sea Change: A Message of The Oceans. The rest include; Blue Hope: Exploring and Caring For Earth’s Magnificent Ocean, Dive!

My Adventures in The Deep Frontier, Sea Critters, Hello, Fish! Visiting The Coral Reef, Wild Ocean: America’s Parks Under The Sea, Coral Reefs, Sustainable Seas: The Vision, The Reality, Atlas of The Ocean Deep Frontier, The Oceans, Polar Explorations, And Finally Great Minds of Science.Dr. Earle has earned a plethora of awards throughout her lifetime and accomplished the unthinkable in the marine biological and oceanographic fields. She no doubt is a seasoned advocate for our oceans. Her life’s work has not only lead to new discoveries, but generations of brilliant scientists inspired in recent years. Sylvia has made a revolutionary mark on the world we know today.

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