Ocean Pollution with Plastic

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Have you ever wondered how many pieces of plastics are in the ocean? There are trillions of plastic waste in the ocean. If we keep polluting the world people won't want to go there. So, stop polluting the world or else we will have a dirty life. We can have fun if we keep this world clean.

My first reason plastic pollution is terrible is, it affects animals. An example, it can harm animals. Another good example is that animals are precious, but they keep dying from plastic waste. A good example is that in February a whale was found dead on shore and it had 64 pounds of plastic in. The best example is that if everyone helps clean the earth the world will be clean.

Another reason plastic pollution is horrible is that local parks and beaches are getting polluted. For example, people won't want to go there if it's filled with plastic. One important example is that, if someone goes to that place every day but one day it is dirty they wouldn't want to go there anymore. A good example is that, just like the first body paragraph, sea animals could die. The best example is to not throw away your trash in the ocean or on the floor.

The final reason plastic pollution is the worst is that it doesn't decompose easily. One example why this is bad because if it goes into rivers it will take a long time to decompose. A good example is that it takes 2-3 centuries to decompose. One important example is that when you see someone throw their trash in the ocean, river, etc., tell them to stop. My final example is that when you see plastic on the floor pick it up.

Finally, reasons, why plastic pollution is terrible, is that some animals are getting affected, local parks and beaches are getting filled with plastic waste, and it doesn't decompose easily. For example, animals are getting affected because they are dying of eating or choking plastic. Also, local parks and beaches are getting filled with plastic waste so, if we do not clean up we will not want to go there. Another example is that plastic does not decompose easily, so when you throw it in the ocean, river, etc., it will take 2-3 centuries to decompose. In addition, we should help clean places, so we can have fun and go places.

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