The Need for Administration Within a Company

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Every developed or business administration comes into way of life when a number of individuals link hands. All these persons exert to attain various organisational goals. The performance of a variety of individuals will be coordinated if somebody is there to assume this work. Management of all ventures seized up the dependability of conveying, managing and domineering the activities of persons running there. Management conveys individual and material resources jointly for accomplishing the organisational goals. Human resource is of dominant significance for the achievement of any organisation. Different individuals demonstrate comparable and contradictory outlines of manners. They include their own set of wants, drives, goals and practices. Management have to be sentient of their desires. Manpower management is the most fundamental job. Proper human resource management will develop competence and concert of individuals at work.

TASK 1- HRM approach:

1a) Distinguish between 'Personnel management and Human resource management' approaches, outlining the advantages/ disadvantages of each approach?

By tradition, inside the huge organisations at least, dependability for human resource issues put down within the workers function. A characteristic catalogue of workers management functions approved out in organisations would be extremely broad and would consist of recommending on different actions such as: recruitment and selection, performance appraisal, training and development, payment and pensions systems, industrial relations and so on. Personnel management has had only a incomplete role in the management of people in organisations. It has had a necessary role at the effective level in, for example: advising on and implementing selection systems, payment methods, training and development programmes, welfare arrangements and a swarm of other activities. It has had much less brunt, nevertheless rather than strategic.

Distinguish between Personnel Management and Human Resource Management?

Some people may feel that HRM is a distinguished word for personnel management. While others feel that HRM and personnel management execute the same functions. Both the terms are dissimilar in attitude or philosophy. Human resource management is not personnel management rather the latter is a part of the former. "Personnel management is the planning, organising, directing and controlling of the procurement, development, compensation, integration and maintenance of people for the purpose of contributing to organisational, individual and social goals."- Flippo Despite the fact that, Flippo talks of individual and social goals but the key driving force is to attain organisational aims with the assistance of individuals. The individual objectives and goals inundate into organisational goals. The planning, organising, directing and controlling of human beings are the other key functions of personnel management. HRM philosophy is to enlarge the people as per their targets and individual goals and encourage them to facilitate in accomplishing organisational goals. So human resource is considered to be an important element in HRM thinking. Personnel function is headed by personnel manager who is believed to be acquainted with rules and regulations of personnel trainings and he advises the top management on special policies. Personnel management is measured as a separate function like other functions HRM, on the other hand, is a part of every line function. The most important job of every manager is activating and human resource management cannot be secluded from activating. So there should not be a consciousness that conventional personnel management function is replaced by HRM. Rather, HRM has engrossed the personnel function in developed form.

Personnel Management Approach:

Personnel management is fretful with the management and accurate consumption of human resources for accomplishing the organisational goals. It necessitates a stable awareness and responsiveness of human relations and their significance in day by day businesses. It aims to provide not only the organisation and its workers but also the culture at large.

Advantages of Personnel Management:

Manages the people in the enterprise effectively. Deals with employees both as individuals as well as in groups Motivates people for getting better outcomes. Universal application Continuous application

Human Resource Management Approach:

Human Resource Management is fretful with the human beings in an organisation. It replicates a new viewpoint which views organisation's manpower as its possessions and assets. In the present complex and quickly altering socio-cultural environment, no business or organisation can survive or cultivate devoid of efficient management of human resources.

Advantages of Human Resource Management:

Human resource helps in employee management It provides consultancy Builds business plans Anticipation of business Structuring the public relations Expand organisational commitment Coping with changing environment

Disadvantages of Human Resource Management:

Lack of Top management support Inappropriate implementation Insufficient development programmes Inadequate information

1b) Identify which of the approaches (HRM or Personnel Management) that your chosen organisation currently adopts and discuss how the chosen organisations approach to managing people has changed over recent years?

Internationalisation of the hotel industry has reached the pinnacle of business programmes and many hotel chains commence to understand that the global business environment is obtainable to be essentially dissimilar from that of the precedent and that their HRM approaches necessitate attention. In order to discuss the HRM or Personnel Management approach, we can choose 'Hilton International Hotel Group'. This organisation mostly focuses on HRM approaches in order to manage the people. Hilton International Hotel Group is a foremost global hotel brand. The company controls the 380 hotels worldwide and is represented in 66 countries. "Its 80,000 strong workforce looks after an average of 8 million guests every year." (Article, 2002; Annual Report. 2003). The excellence of the Hilton brand is such that customer service and effective excellence is superior than in most industries. In recent years, a variety of information's have tried to recognize the causes of the disequilibrium in the allotment of the labour. Clarifications have ranged from the necessitate to change "management style" to enhancements in staffing and selection procedures. A booming English economy might have inhaled strong profits into the generosity industries underneath line, but it has left many hotels rushing to fill positions in what is being called tightest labour market. Now a day the industry employs for the most part young people and certainly for a lot of them provides the summit of entry into the world of work. In Hilton, where employees are renowned as appreciated assets and obtain the training essential to presume better responsibility, and where their attitude is required with look upon to operational changes, revenue rates are lower.

TASK 2- Recruitment and Selection:

2a) Outline the HR planning process undertaken by your chosen organisation and discuss how this compares to the 'theory' of HR planning as identified in the HR planning lesson of the RDI study materials?

Senior executives at Hilton consider that the training and partial development of its employees is significant in order for the business to continue ahead in a aggressive global market place. Hilton International is totally decentralised; dividing into countries, cities and individual hotels. This intended that hundreds of managers had to be persuaded about the programme- and exercise in which skill soft played a fundamental role. For the last few years, Hilton has initiated a large number of HRM strategies which hub on selecting, training and initial global managers who recognize the worldwide consequence of their business and be able to activate all the way through the world. The failure of employees is surrounded by the chief issues in front of contemporary day to day corporations. Hilton Hotel Group is one of the examples, where managers employ with intimately with employees to facet their career paths. Hilton begins to exhibit that edifying a pleased and important workforce is not a temporary procedure, but an incorporated approach that saturates all the way through every aspect of the organisation. Hilton tries to be familiar with the significance of employee approaches and profoundly invests in them.

2b) Compare and contrast the recruitment and selection processes of two organisations operating in different industries- one organisation should be your chosen organisation as identified in Q1 plus another organisation of your choice?

In this study we are going to analyse the recruitment and selection processes of two organisations namely- Hilton International Group and Mc Donald's which are operating in hospitality and fast food industry. The analysis on the hospitality industry assumed here as attained numerous key results where the first relates to the importance to the external environment. The affiliation between HRM and concert only exist in the middle of hotels emphasising the importance of quality improvement among hotels in other countries. HRM shows unproductive where cost control felt as a means to business strategy cost. This analysis affords sustain for the emergency suggestion that the efficiency of HRM relies upon fit with business strategy. The company that applies the global included business strategy supervises and staffs employees on a global basis. Hilton has for many years challenged to recruit and develop a group of international managers from various countries. These people represent a portable base of managers who are used in a mixture of services as the need arises. Here we can discuss about the recruitment and selection process of two organisations namely Hilton International Group and Mc Donald's. Both focus on different industries such as hospitality and fast food industry. The recruitment and selection process of Hilton International Group is very wide as compared to the fast food industry. In each employees are interviewed and successful them are recruited to the management. Both the organisation needs the concentration of hospitality as well as fast food industry. But there are some differences and similarities in both these organisations recruitment and selection process. In Hilton International Group and Mc Donald's, the key management holders recruit the employees who are able to work in the management. But they are not recruiting the shop floorers, chefs, cleaners, housekeeping etc. This right were given to sub-contractors. Therefore there will be some differences in the selection in the position for management and other. But in Hilton, recruitment process is a huge criteria as compared to Mc Donald's.

TASK 3- Monitoring and rewarding employees:

3a) Explain how your chosen organisation measures the performance of its employees?

According to the performance evaluation of employees in Hilton International Group, the workers are recruiting with a number of objectives in mind, whether these have accomplished or not has to be frequently assessed. They have chosen 'Merit rating' technique which assess the performance of a job in requisites of its requirements. Moreover, persons differ in their abilities and propensities. Even if the same basic education and training is given to them, these differences cannot be eliminated. There will always be difference in the quantity and quality of work done by different employees even on the same job. Thus, it is but essential for the management to know these differences so that the employees having better abilities may be rewarded and the wrong placement of employees may be corrected through transfers. The individual employees may also like to know their level of performance in comparison to the others, so that they can improve upon it. All this emphasis on the need to have a suitable performance appraisal system in order to measure the relative merits of each employee. The performance of the employees in Hilton International Group can be evaluated in different ways. They are: Reviewing past performance Assessing training and development needs Target setting Evaluating potential Pay determination

3b) Give details of the systems in place within your chosen organisation to reward employees and evaluate the success of these methods in motivating employees?

An organisation's rewards strategy is possibly the area which, for employees, provides the furthermost connection between oratory and certainty. It is not only an important instrument in terms of conservation, eagerness and recruitment. It is an outlook to make clear the culture of the organisation in a way that has real impact on employees. In Hilton International Group, the acquirement of leisure group Stakis Plc promotes a re-examine and succeeding modernizes of the company's rewards program. (Webster, 2004) Hilton International aims to make everyone feel valued within their working environment. Its objectives are to maintain high standards in human resources management and to create a business culture in which everyone can grow and develop their careers. To support this commitment, Hilton international has been launched worldwide, covering a range of skills for the hotel industry, from operational and technical to finance and general management. All these rewarding policies help the organisation to motivate the employees.

TASK 4- Employment exit procedures:

4a) Describe the different circumstances under which employees can leave an organisation? Use examples from your chosen organisation to illustrate.

Employees may leave the organisation due to different circumstances. They are as follows. Level of Job satisfaction Flexibility of staff Commitment Competitors wages Lack of flexibility in working patterns including hours and career break Poor investment in career development in any level of staff Diversity and equality in any of these organisations Poor staff induction and management training Poor performance feedback We can compare these points with Hilton International Group. In this organisation, the employees are recruited on the basis of their abilities and knowledge. The management should be satisfied with the working. The workers should get appropriate job satisfaction because the hospitality industry is mainly based on that. If only the workers are satisfied with the working environment, the customers will also be satisfied. Customer plays a key role in every organisation. If the employee doesn't have proper training, there will be no proper organisation. Therefore in order to get better result, the employees must get proper training and get suitable performance appraisal.

4b) Outline the key components of the redundancy policy of your chosen organisation. Identify in what areas the policy can be improved particularly with reference to the redundancy selection and alternatives to redundancy.

Every organisation comprise of redundancy policy. There will be no organisation without these policies. The key components of redundancy policy of Hilton International Group (Hospitality Industry) are as follows: Introduction: it is business policy to avoid making compulsory redundancies among its employees whenever and wherever possible. This will be achieved by variety of measures which was set out in following process. In the event of unfortunate redundancies the business will act sensitively as possible in accordance with all relevant legislation. Definition of Redundancy: Redundancy defined under employment rights act. Avoiding redundancy: The business will endure to avoid compulsory redundancies wherever possible. Measures for avoiding compulsory redundancies may include a mixture of following have deemed to be appropriate and cost effective. Natural waste Terminating employment of casual staff and staff employed by agencies Seeking volunteers for early retirement or voluntary redundancy Re-deployment and if possible re-training to other parts of the organisation Reduction or elimination of over time working Restriction on recruitment Considering volunteers for part time working Short time working Considering suggestions from trade unions Formal consultation with relevant trade unions and employees: This should begin as soon as redundancies are contemplated and includes informing both trade unions and employees that redundancies are possible and seeking their views on. Determining the areas where redundancies occur: Management will take in consideration from employees and trade unions. The decision has to where to make redundancies must ultimately rest within the board. Consultation with relevant trade unions: The decisions were taken in order to explain to the legal compliance with the trade unions. Selection methods: Since the need to maintain a balanced, skilled and experienced workforce after the redundancy is paramount, individuals who have been selected for individuals redundancy will normally selected using merit criteria. (Taking into account disciplinary and attendance records). Right to make representation: Those who been selected for redundancies have a right to make representations appointed by them such as legal assistance or trade unions or member of family. Issuing of notice: Appropriate selected employees will be given advanced and proper notice to terminate their contract and due arrears will be paid accordingly. Appeal: The employees have the right to appeal against the management, if they feel that the management decision was wrong. Right to time of seek other employment and other suitable alternative employment: If the skilled employees are redundant, normally the management will give grace period in order to find out other job. Status of policy: The business reserves the right to depart from this policy where circumstances demanded and to review and vary this policy from time to time.


Hilton's strategies on globalisation sturdily impinge on the approach it takes to international human resource management. To make sure the improvement of managers with global knowledge, Hilton and other global hotel chains could do with to set up HRM systems as a heart constituent of general organisation tactic and implement a formalised approach. Whichever approach is approved, it looks like necessary to graph the strategy and focus on a holistic, long term approach to a certain extent than the individual, short term approaches. An additional centralised approach can optimize Hilton's management as a reasonable supply.

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