E-Government: Combination of Administration and Technology

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In the United Nations Department of economic and Social Affairs issued by the United Nations Department of economic and social affairs in the <2016 report of the United Nations e-government survey, Britain was ranked first in e-government, among which the degree of electronic government organization and the participation of the public e-government were ranked first, exceeding the leading e - Government of Australia, South Korea, Singapore and Finland. The United Kingdom is the best country to integrate telecommunications technology, human capital and online services, and further meets the demand for information and communication technology in the field of public service.

The concept of E-government originated from western countries and has many different names according to its specific forms, such as network government, digital government, information office and e-government. All these prove the close relationship between e-government and information technology. Strictly speaking, E-government refers to the use of information technology by government departments to achieve Internet office, and related government management work on the Internet. With the support of computer technology, relevant government staff can realize cloud management and network data control, effectively optimize the existing government organization structure and workflow.

E-government is a system engineering, which should meet three basic conditions:

The first part of E-government is the integrated service system with the help of electronic information hardware system, digital network technology and related software technology, the hardware part includes internal local area network, external Internet, system communication system and special circuit, etc. Software part: large database management system, information transmission platform, authority management platform, file formation and approval and upload system, news release system, service management system, policy and regulation publishing system, user service and management system, Personnel and records management system, welfare and housing provident fund management system, and dozens of systems.

Second, e-government is an integrated system for handling public and internal affairs related to government. It also includes the administrative affairs of the legislative, judicial and other public organizations, such as procuratorial affairs, auditing affairs, community affairs, etc.

Third, e-government is a new, advanced, revolutionary government management system. E-government is not simply to move the traditional government management affairs to the Internet, but to reorganize its organizational structure and business process. Therefore, there is a significant difference between e-government and traditional government management.

The development of e-government is of great help to the development of government departments all over the world, and can effectively promote the development and construction of local economy. Governments all over the world should strengthen the research and development of e-government system, further optimize and improve the existing administrative management system, and make positive contributions to the sustained and stable development of the world economy and society.

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