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Part 1

Crisis Spokesperson Comment by 10RS4: Remember, this needs to be about you as a crisis spokesperson. Your strengths and weaknesses. It is not clear from your answers.

· A spoken person for a company, there are many strengths to them:

  1. When the speaker is influenced by people by displaying in a professional manner the merchandise and explaining how to use it, its price, and how to get it on tv.
  2. His way of speaking and answering questions at a level that allows teenagers or elderly to understand the conservation without getting tired, which helps people think quickly about the good of the product away from showing his feelings.
  3. when the speaker is using the real facts and the product is being conducted, this method helps increase product discharge and develop solutions for each product.
  4. The real example of the strength of spoken person:
  • the feedback of the customers.
  • The social media of the company.
  • The brand and the name.


· The weakness of spoken person in the company:

  1. When the showing of the product is very weak, and difficult to understand.
  2. During the conference when they repeat the same words and lack of explaining when the costumers ask them questions about the products. Comment by 10RS4: Spelling error: customers
  3. When they don’t have strategy in their conference like not be on time, don’t take speech seriously, when don’t listen carefully to the conference.
  4. Did not working hard, making training and watching conferences and engaging in real work environment. All these make the spoken person feel afraid and make the company into dangerous.



His way of speaking and answering questions at a level that allows teenagers or elderly to understand the conservation without getting tired, which helps people think quickly about the good of the product away from showing his feelings.

To maintain this strength, the spokesperson must follow more on the development of the languages that are being spoken and how they are changing from year to year. It is also possible for him to ask questions to the followers and find out what they are interested in  when the speaker is using the real facts and the product is being conducted, this method helps increase product discharge and develop solutions for each product.


When the showing of the product is very weak, and difficult to understand.

During the conference when they repeat the same words and lack of explaining when the costumers ask them questions about the products.

Part 2

 Hiding the crisis

Hiding Crises in Lebanon

  1. selling the crisis: In the event of a crisis, the time may become accidentally wrong. For example, a crisis manager is on board a plane for the purpose of work and suddenly it reveals that he lost the private phone of the smart company, and that he takes one of the clients to another company because it is known that when the managers are a company traveling for work, there are no business managers inside. After that, the competitors get to know special information about the company, which leads to a major crisis. Here the director is confused and does not know what to do and then he persuades clients that things are okay, there is no crisis.
  2. Frame is a way a problem is presented. It can show 1 problem, and hide other problems. For example, that the manger hide that the economy is in a poor condition during the situation of corona virus but he didn’t say and hide all the information related.
  3. Also, it is possible to fail by a decision taken by the manager and causing a major crisis related to employees or financial matters and not to recognize them and take solutions based on their personal responsibility.


The solution to getting away from this crisis is to get the wrong thing immediately and work to take full responsibility with all the obligations. The most important thing is that when the company hires people and gives them their positions, they know the experience they have and that the net is in them and not hide any mistake that affects the work and it is possible that the uncle is a common group to find the quick and easy solutions.

How can they frame the crisis?

  1. The company’s fault must be recognized
  2. Think about appropriate solutions
  3. Show them to partners
  4. Debate it out.
  5. Announcement of solutions.


Part 3

Double crisis

The three factors are:

  1. Message Overload: When the company gives many information that is not agreed upon by all members, which leads to an aggravation of the crisis, the clarification becomes an extremely difficult task. Whereas when the information is written in a way that is difficult to comprehend with the audience, it leads to a lack of knowing the facts and joining the unknown.
  2. Errors in Group Decision-Making: When each of the partners works for his personal goals without agreeing with the rest of the parties, which leads to failure to assess the risks and the existence of the solution correctly. And also the search for information insufficiently or partially to a party. This also leads to many risks during the crisis.
  3. Info Acquisition Bias: the more information that can be acquired to make a decision, the better, even if that extra information is irrelevant for the decision.


For example, transfer a false information lead the company lose their trust with their clients, so company should study every steps that do to get away from dangers.

Firstly, when there are many female teachers, they feel weary and dissatisfied with what the company offers of other products. Here the company allocates many clients due to the confidence gained. Secondly, when making decisions are not identical with each other and that each team is biased towards a certain thing that leads without any thinking or planning to the collapse of the company while working in the group and taking many ideas helps to expand the horizon and established many experiences that help in limiting the presence of the crisis and its situation quickly. Third, knowing the wrong information from the correct one helps a lot to know the causes of the crisis, including how to solve it because the manager who has experience on how to manage crises sits comfortably because he fully understands how he can solve it with a few losses.

Part 4

 What would you do? Pet Food Dilemma.

A) The instructions that the company takes to give sufficient information are: First, we provide a preferred explanation of the toxins inside the food, while highlighting the checks that make sure that the company is interested in knowing the causes of dog deaths through the company’s official spokesman.

Second, the company carries out direct reforms by sending this feed to the specialized laboratories of the major countries abroad and presenting them to the consumer and apologizing for the error that occurs in a number of ways, such as reducing their prices.

B) The messages that can be drawn during the crisis are:

  1. Establishing the experience directly through social media sites to restore confidence between the company and the public.
  2. To give the delegated to consumers at a lower price with the establishment of gifts and for a famous ministry to stamp on it to change confidence.
  3. Lifting the responsibility for the company after fixing that the company has carried out all the required tests prior to distributing the product to the public and fixing that.


C) there are many ways to know that the costumers hear you:

  1. using social media by sending SMS to the clients explain briefly what happen.
  2. using Instagram and Facebook sharing live video about animals and their meals.
  3. spoken person make an interview on TV and also explain what happen.
  4. fix this information to the log and directories in a way that attract the listener.


D) the organizations are:

Kurdistan Organization

International Fund for Animal Welfare

These three organizations are in Lebanon and you can help us by given these products to feed the animals from them. Here, the clients when we see that this product use their, immediately they return to buy from you.

Also, they can make conferences in the universities to develop a lot information about the products and how they use it.

Part 5

leadership during crisis

A) 1- the name of the company Apple

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak co-founded Apple in 1977

Tim cook is the CEO of the apple company Comment by 10RS4: This portion was found to be plagiarized. Please find the plagiarism report attached to see the full details. Note that plagiarism (copying word-for-word) is against university policy. You cannot earn full points in this portion, due to the plagiarized text. Thank you for understanding.

The role of Tim cook was responsible for all of the company’s worldwide sales and operations, including end-to-end management of Apple’s supply chain, sales activities, and service and support in all markets and countries.

B) 1-In 2016, the life cycle of Apple phones is a new generation followed by an updated generation a year later, and then another new generation and so on. This is usually since iPhone 3G, then 3GS. Then came the iPhone 4, then the S, followed by the iPhone 5, then the 5 S. This is because we were waiting in 2016 for the new generation of phones, everyone was surprised with a device similar to the extension of the iPhone 6 and iPhone phones, the new phones come in the same design as the previous generation with some slight changes, by adding a new color - Jet Black Glossy Black.

Cook thought rationally and logically, what innovations should be available in smartphones? What are the features or specifications that everyone is searching for? Thinner phones? You will bend quickly. Faster phones? Its temperature will rise and charging will end very quickly. Wireless charging?

C)1- Take risks: The life of a leader is not that easy, especially when driving one of the world's largest companies, so any decision you make will not only be your life or your company will affect the lives of all those around you, so you must be strong, brave, and confident of yourself and your ability to take decision and risk tolerance.

Trust those around you one of the most positive qualities known to Tim Cook is the confidence in gathering his employees, fully listening to them and taking their opinions seriously. Working within Apple on the principle of consultation, not exclusivity in decision-making, as Fawk knows perfectly that creativity and innovation inside each person with this the world and its role is to get this creativity and innovation out of these people.

3- Humility: Never forget where you came from, and what you were ... Tim Cook This match is never forgotten and always based on repetition.

D)1- Facial recognition crisis: Just revealing the iPhone X and there is a fierce campaign from privacy advocates against Apple, due to fears that the data collected by this feature will be used to spy on users or sell them to third parties, which prompted the company to exit more than once and reassure users of the security of this feature.

2-radio waves: Modern Apple iPhone phones do not have radio waves chipset, which has exposed the company to criticism by the president of the US Federal Communications Committee, who believes that these chips are very important especially in an emergency, and Apple deprives users of them to protect their interests, but the company said that the iPhone's subsidiary It is equipped with the AMBER system which allows users to get the weather status and alerts of government agencies.

3-Battery bulge: The worst thing that could happen to Apple during the current period is the emergence of a serious defect with modern iPhones, as there are some users who claim that the iPhone 8 Plus phones bulged during their charging without any explosions, which prompted Apple to start investigations into the matter to monitor its nature and act quickly before The problem spreads among users ’devices.

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