Advices what to do if you Lost Flight Confirmation Email

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Everybody is aware about how to book a flight e-ticket online, but they have no idea about the confirmation email which the airline sends you right after your ticketing process which they need to check when you reach at the airport for the confirmation of purchase. Therefore, when they reach at the airport and asked about it, they have no idea and thus, can’t find the flight confirmation email which leads to a lot of chaos and stress making the whole situation full of hassle. Therefore, this article is all about what should you do if you lost your confirmation email. To know what you can do in such a situation stay tuned and use it for your rescue whenever in need.

What does the flight confirmation mail consists of?

A flight booking confirmation email is a transactional email that later informs the user about their ticket confirmation. It signifies that your ticket has been confirmed and lists all the necessary details about your flight booking in that particular mail.

A flight confirmation mail includes the following mentioned information:

  • The city, hotel, date, date of your check in and check out, details regarding payment , or if any cancellation cost.
  • The customer is also given the contact number.
  • What to do if you didn’t receive the confirmation email ?

Now a days, online e-ticket booking has become a very easy process. But right after the ticketing process, a confirmation email is sent to the respective person of which many are unaware. Therefore, its very obvious if they lost their flight confirmation email or you didn’t receive the confirmation email .Sometimes, the airline might delay in sending the confirmation mail because of the processing time which may vary up to 4 hours. If still not received, call the reservation department.

You may also check your spam folder in the email. To help insure prompt delivery of your email confirmation please add the relevant email to your address book.

If you want to add the relevant senders in the list you can follow these instructions:

1. If an important mail, goes to your spam folder, open that message and then tap on the non spam

2. Use mail and spam controls to add the sender to your customer sender list. Later, you can add the specific domain and make sure that you received the confirmation.

3. Some other email operators serves this way:

Click on the spam mail, drag it to the primary folder and confirm with the operator to save it. Start the particular email.

What if you lost your confirmation email?

Just after you book your flight e-ticket either online or through a contact center, in a span of 15-20 minutes an email is sent to you. What a stressful situation it will be if you know if i have lost my flight service confirmation number. In case you don’t receive the confirmation email, search your in box with the subject “ Your Preach Reservation” in the spam.

If still the problem continues, it means the booking is not completed. Then, if you must be knowing the booking number, click on “click here to confirm the booking”.

There may be other reasons as well:

  • Email might have been filtered by a specified domain for spam email.
  • The email address might have been misspelled.
  • Also, if your email address is having any of the below mentioned patterns, you will not receive the confirmation mail. If your email consists of these patterns, feel free to reach us:
  • A dot(.) in front of @ mark.
  • If two dots (..) is marked before @ mark.

Sometimes it’s also possible that you might lost the email with flight confirmation number. To prevent any further issue leading to booking confirmation failure, it’s recommended to pen down your booking number or you also take a print of confirmation page after the payment.

What if you delete your confirmation email?

There are enormous number of mails in your in box, and you might have accidentally deleted your flight confirmation email while clearing your in box. And this might lead to a lot of chaos at the airport.

For getting it back you may call the travel agent and tell him about the same. He may ask you the following details: your name, booking number, date of birth etc. You must have all these details with you whenever such a situation happens. Afterwards you will get the confirmation mail again with you in the in box.

Where you might find the confirmation email?

1. Check your email at first. A confirmation mail must have been sent to you in a duration of 10-15 minutes. Try to look for your destination , or just search for ‘ booking confirmation ‘ if there it will pop up.

2. Couldn’t find it yet ? Check your spam folders. Sometimes the email filters might send the wrong things or your important stuff there.

3. Also, in other case you can look at the bank statement if you had paid through a card. The name of the travel agent or the airline is mentioned right there, where your charge is specified.

At times, you might get the confirmation number on the credit card statement from which you did the payment.

How to recover your flight confirmation mail?

It’s a stressful situation if you lost your flight confirmation mail. But you can recover it easily. You just need to have the following listed things at the time of recovery :

  • Name on the account
  • Billing address
  • Account PIN/ password
  • Email address
  • Follow these steps, and you will be through :
  1. There are several ways to recover your flight confirmation mail, in your confirmation mail you will get a confirmation code mentioned at the top of the confirmation mail.
  2. If you have booked your confirmation mail though a party, then you must ask them to provide you the confirmation mail.
  3. Some airlines will send you the reminder email before your flight. You will get your confirmation number there below “ check in online” on the reminder email.
  4. In the end, after trying all this the best you may do is, call the help desk and they will help you in the best possible way.

This article was the best possible way for our customers to know what they can do if they lost there confirmation email. Also, you can reach out to us any time. We are team of motivated workers, who work relentlessly day and night to provide their customers the best service they can with addition to offering amazing discounts. We provide coupons up to 60% off on the actual price of the e-ticket while e-ticket booking, cancellation and refunds. our sole is to encourage all the travelers out there to have an amazing experience of their travel journey so that they can reach out to us again the next time without giving a second thought.

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