How did People Avoid Removal during the Holocaust?

Jewish people Anne Frank and her family Christians or normal citizens helping people hide Mykola and Maria Dyuk helped hide people Renee Roth and her sisters hid in a convent People who were hiding Jewsish `peopls WHAT? (What happened?) During the holocaust the Nazi made it thier goal to wipe out the Jewish race. Many Jews went into hiding to avoid removal, they did not just hide physically but many hid in plain sight as Christians. They hid in cellars, pits, attics, and convents. If they did not go into hiding many would be deported to concentration camps where they would most likely die of illness, hunger, dehydration, or torture.

While in hiding there was consentent fear of being found but also it was hard because you could not speak, or be loud. You most likely not get a lot of food because the people you are hiding may not have it or there was a huge food shortage. Anne Frank had it of extemely lucky while in hiding because she had her own space while many people lived with there whole family in a 4ft by 4ft atic that is suspetible to weather, WHEN? (When did it take place?) Sep 1, 1941 – May 8, 1945.In the summer of 1943 a secret organization was created to help people in hiding. WHERE? (Where did it take place?) This took place mostly in Europe, in Germany, The Netherlands, France, Poland, and many more places. But it also took place around the world. Many places where people were hiding was in attics, cellars, pits, underground, or under a different religon, WHY? (Why did it happen?) World war two happend because Hitler believd that the Jews should be blamed for Germans politcal instabilty and econmic woes. He gained a larger following making him gain more power and the Nazis tried to wipe the Jews out.

This caused Jewsish people to hide so they would not be killed. HOW? (How did it happen?) There were organzations to help people hide. They hid in cellars,pits, attics, false walls, and other creative hiding places. They also hid under differnt religions so they would not get caught, Finally some people tried to escape Europe and go to the U.S but this rarely worked because of all the security. MESSAGE What do you think is the important message or take away that you want to share after completing your research? I think the main message that I gained after completing my research it that just because somebody has a differnt race/religon than you does not give you the right to take away their freedom or religon. Also, people who hid anybody during the holocasut are true heros because they saved many people lives. 16,000 Jews were not killed in the Netherlands because those wonderful people had the courage to hide them. 

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