The History of Artificial Intelligence 

Oxford University researchers Carl Frey and Michael Osborne explain that “47 percent of U.S. workers have a high probability of seeing their jobs automated over the next 20 years.” Artificial Intelligence (A.I) is a term that makes it possible for machines to learn from experience and adjust to new conditions just like human minds do. In the discussion of A.I taking over jobs in the United States, this controversial issue gives way to the question, to what extent will the use of artificial intelligence threaten jobs in the US? The ethical aspect will be analyzed to better understand this controversial issue. In the discussion of the effect of A.I on employment in the United States, different stakeholders such as businesses, employees, and scientists/researchers are discussed where expert opinions of stakeholders and people in that field are analyzed. In addition to this, different studies and statistics are introduced to expand research on A.I.

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“The History of Artificial Intelligence ”

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Employees believe that A.I taking over jobs is unethical as the unemployment rates are growing. Many employees who work for different corporations have had their jobs taken away as a result of A.I and the rise of technology in the United States today. Will Hurd, an American politician, discusses how employees in the nation are being affected by A.I. “Around a dozen Google employees have quit over the company’s involvement in an artificial intelligence drone program for the Pentagon called Project Maven” This uproar from employees who work at Google brings out the concern employees have on the morality of A.I in taking away jobs that belonged to humans. Many workers are being taken from their jobs to follow A.I and its provisions. Google employees are not seeing the positive implications of A.I on the United States, but instead they are scouting through views where A.I is threatening jobs throughout the United States which is immoral.

Coglianese, who has studied political science at the University of Pennsylvania, and Lehr, the research affiliate at the Penn program, utilizes expert opinions to emphasize that A.I is unethical from the employee perspective. Coglianese and Lehr’s research show that high-tech entrepreneur Elon Musk, for example, has warned that A.I present the ‘biggest existential threat to society.” As an entrepreneur, Elon Musk has seen this technology grow through the years. The more technology expands in the U.S., the harder it is to control the rise of A.I, so the code of ethics need to be applied to it. The code of ethics is a document that describes both acceptable and unacceptable actions for all employees in a company. In this case, employees are allowed to judge both their behavior and others in the company. In support of this, Artificial Intelligence and its ethical concerns come in handy.

By stating this, employees are beginning to feel fear where they are beginning to acknowledge that unemployment rates are growing due to A.I One can conclude the rise of technology leading to the rise in A.I in the United States is causing disputes over morality or whether A.I is ethical or not. A.I is unethical in the means of taking over human jobs, employees say. The impact of automation or machines on employees is significant to employment and the threats it will cause in the future. Through increased unemployment, employees believe A.I. is unethical which leads on to the beliefs of the company owners who have both an unethical and ethical perspective.

There are differing perspectives among different business owners. Some believe it is ethical while others don’t as it is helping some corporations grow and expand, but also causing unemployment rates to rise hurting other businesses. The author, John W. Miller, a staff reporter and an A.I ethicist, discusses “as Facebook, Apple and Google pour billions into A.I. development, there is a fledgling branch of academic ethical study…of philosophical and sometimes theological questioning about how A.I change destiny and role as humans in the universe.” Miller discusses the lack of moral reflection of A.I among major technology firms. He argues A.I is morally unethical, countering many employers’ belief of A.I am ethical and help businesses grow.

A.I in this case is focused on being unethical where businesses are pouring billions of dollars into AI and at the end the only thing coming out of it is the increase of unemployment rates. However, though A.I is causing unemployment rates to increase in certain companies, “The role of fast-developing technologies (like AI) [is] augmenting and not killing our jobs” in which “economic benefits and job creation[s] through people and machines working in collaboration” can be created(Business Times). Businesses are noticing the capabilities of A.I on employment in the United States. Though they may be taking over jobs, automation are giving a hand in the creation of new strategies that couldn’t be accomplished if there were only humans. Owners of businesses and CEOs of companies can understand both the morality and immorality of A.I in the society through the multiple threats and implications A.I cause towards a society. Though businesses have mixed views on the controversy, most scientists believe Artificial Intelligence is ethical.

Researchers and Scientists believe that the creation of A.I. follows the ethical code as it is helping the World introduce more strategies. The author, Kris Hammond, a chief scientist at Northwest University, discusses how the reason why “Isaac Asimov’s “Three Laws of Robotics” seem so appealing to us”, showing how the code of ethics can be applied to robots. Hammond discusses the perspective in this article as Scientists who have studied technology and believe A.I is helping the community by taking over jobs and following the code of ethics.

A.I is helping the community instead of harming it and taking over jobs is actually following the code of ethics. In addition, it shows how robots taking over jobs are helping out with the code of ethics leading to future development of A.I in America. One can understand that automations are helping society by checking for other information which humans will take forever to find. Many scientists believe that AI can help the environment & be more efficient without replacing jobs Henderson, a research fellow at the Hoover Institution and an emeritus professor of economics at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California argued, “By 2000, It’s true that the US labor force had grown substantially during the century, from 27.6 million to 142.6 million.” He illustrates that people should be optimistic as robots taking over jobs will not result in unemployment because there will be the creation of new jobs in a society, so the addition of AI into society will be ethical.

The significance in the relationship of AI in eyes of researchers and scientists is that the minds of automation are so developed, they can focus on monotonous jobs unlike humans and they can figure out more strategies to aid scientists in society. In relation to this, the relationship of the morality of AI can relate back to how businesses believe AI is moral as it is helping businesses thrive and therefore everyone else in society is thriving.

The relevance of this issue in the United States is significant because technology is growing rapidly which in turn includes A.I. Though some believe robots are taking away jobs, robots are also aiding corporations by helping society financially and morally due to the fact that they are finishing tasks quicker and more efficiently. The argument that A.I fall under the ethical code and is beneficial for the society is stronger because it emphasizes the multiple positive implications on the moral side when A.I is added to society.

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