My Hero is my Grandmother

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A hero isn’t someone who wears a mask and a cape. A hero is someone who inspires others, never gives up, and encourages you to keep trying and to strive for greatness no matter how hard it gets. Someone who is there for you through the best, and worst, of times. A hero is someone to look up to, someone to inspire and teach you to always do the right thing, who never loses hope in you. Someone who remains strong and confident through everything. My hero is my Grandmother.

I chose my grandma, Pat, among all my heroes because she is the kind of person who is understanding and helpful even when you’re in trouble. She’s there whenever I need a hug or advice, and she always tries her best to make me feel safe and happy. I live with me grandma so we push each other's buttons, often, but we get over it and are laughing together in a matter of minutes.

My grandma is the absolute strongest woman I know. I was in the 6th grade when we learned that my grandmother had been diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I didn’t really understand what they meant at the time but, I knew it was bad. I also knew how strong my grandmother was. She is such a fighter. I never lost hope in her just like she would never lose hope in us.

Although my grandmother had a lot of sick days during this time period, she always kept hope. She never let anyone know how bad it really was. She always persisted and carried on supporting and caring for the people around her, which looking back I can see how difficult it actually was for her. After all her chemo treatments my grandmother kept fighting, she overcame cancer, and is now cancer-free!

My grandma is so loving, she puts who she loves before anyone else. I can trust her with every secret I have because I know instead of judging, she will try to understand. If I am crying, she will hold me and try to come up with a solution to the problem or try and talk it out. I can complain to her about any and everything without criticism.

She is the one person that inspires me to be a better person. And the only one who has not given up on me, no matter how difficult i may be. I will never forget her inspirational words, and the happiness she gives me on a daily basis. But, most of all, I’ll remember her love for every person in the world. And I hope she always remembers my love for her.

I learned through her experiences that it is better to continue on forward instead of trying to repair the past, which I know is impossible to change. In addition to this, I learned that nobody is born with bad luck, it is just something inevitable that can be changed through hard work and courage. My grandmother has taught me so many things and so many lessons. When I have grandchildren I can only hope I will be as phenomenal as she is. That is why I chose her, my grandma, to be my hero.

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