The Day my Grandmother Died

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When my grandma passed away, it was like losing my best friend. My grandma deserved a healthier life than the one that was offered to her. She was a warrior and she was a fighter who is versatile, and she was the most beautiful individual I knew. She exudes grace and elegance, she made me feel loved. Even though she is located heap of miles away from where I am located, she made me feel loved even beyond measure. I considered her not only the most inspirational individual of my childhood but my entire life so far.

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“The Day my Grandmother Died”

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Even though my parents lived heaps of miles from where my grandma lived, I relished the phone calls that she would make to me every single morning telling me to have a good time. Growing up in a small community I didn’t have a lot of friends she was my best friend for life. While we didn’t always get along, I never felt secure and more adored than in her presence. Then everything altered when my grandma was diagnosed with a hip complication. I didn’t understand what to believe and how to feel. I was confused. When my grandma went in for surgery, I could remember the phone call that she gave to me. She had said that she loved me and then hung up the phone. I prayed and wished that she would come out of surgery. Then, the long-awaited telephone call came, we got a phone call from my mom’s sister saying that my grandmother had died. I realized that the medics tried their best, but she was incapacitated. This was not the grandma I recognized the grandma I recognized was energetic, vibrant, go-getting and loving. No one was conscious about how much time she had left and that horrified me to no end.

My Grandma was a hero and an individual who everyone looked up to, my hero and my inspiration. She inspired me in so many ways and to see her in so much discomfort every single day was hard. This sent me into a deep, deep depression of the passing of my grandmother. To discover that my grandmother had passed was the hardest thing that I have ever experienced. She was really gone, I could not speak to anyone for days, not even my mother or father. I couldn’t accept anything, it appeared like everything went motionless.

I wasn’t given the chance to say goodbye because she lived in Trinidad and Tobago a country that is 3,000 miles away from America. It has been almost ten years since my grandma died and I would be mendacious if I claimed that I don’t think of my grandmother almost every day, but I think of her and everything she went through. She worked so hard to give my family the life we enjoy today. The grief will come at random times and will linger for days, but she never leaves my mind. I love my grandma more than anyone I have ever met in my entire life. She inspired me to do what I love, and I wouldn’t be half the person I am if it wasn’t for her.

One of her preferred things to do was to call me every morning before school when I was younger. Even though my grandma is not physically here with me, I know that she will be very proud of me and what I have accomplished. I know communication is a core element to society’s foundation. Communication was a major factor in communicating with my grandmother and the advancement of technology has helped my grandmother to be able to communicate efficiently through our daily phone calls. The phone that I used to communicate with my grandma has aided me to make communication more approachable and more expedient.

The telephone can often be considered as an ordinary way to contact prospective workers and far away distant relatives. The telephone was an ideal method to contact my grandma because phone calls can create a stronger bond between individuals and phone calls also allowed me to create clear communication not just with my grandma but with other family members. Telephone calls can be most effective in many different types of discussions that may arise. My grandmother is the one person that I could always look up to for advice, and after she died it marked anew divide, so to speak. Though I lost a big part of what shaped my childhood and day (at that point)opinions and beliefs, I developed an entirely new outlook on life from a social and psychological standpoint , through heart broken, depressed, self-destructive, creation and ultimately post traumatic growth her death sparked my ability to get through, to do date, the biggest period of personal growth and a new understanding of my fellow people. It helped me to understand that sometimes things do not always go the we plan but staying strong and remembering the better part of a lost life will often get you through the tough times.

It may seem a little odd that my grandmother’s death affected me in such a dramatic intense way, I now understand that my grandmother’s demise touched me in a very strange way, because my grandmother and I had a very special and significant relationship even though I did not spend my adolescence with her because she lived in Trinidad and Tobago and I lived in America.

Everything that I experienced while losing my grandma was out of focus. I cannot truly imagine the final moments of my grandmothers passing. After my grandmas passing, I found it extremely strenuous to do anything. Even though I was not there to see my grandmas passing, eventually I turned to what I knew best in honor of my grandma’s passing. To help me cope with the demise of my grandma, I continually listened to her type of music and through the lyrics of the music it sparked a certain period of growth within me. It has been an emotional rollercoaster since my grandma’s passing. My grandmother dying allows me to use pathos in order to convince people through an emotional response to live and enjoy every moment spent with family and friends.

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