The Difference between Old and New Music

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Lets Get it on Marvin Gaye vs Juelz Santana Marvin Gaye and Juelz Santana took the phrase “lets get it on “to reach two different audiences. Musicians often use metaphors or sayings when they are trying to get a point across. Depending on how we use them, the message we are trying to deliver can be straight forward or indirect.

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“The Difference between Old and New Music”

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Sometimes a phrase can have several meanings. For instance the phrase “lets get it on “ what are we trying to say, are we challenging an opponent, accepting an opponents challenge, or could we be asking or agreeing to a sexual encounter? This statement can be used to express many forms of readiness based on how it is used. 

Marvin Gaye and Juelz Santana both used the phrase “lets get it on” Marvin Gaye the originator ithe early 70’s and later on in 2003 Juelz Santana took the phrase  and renamed his track “Lets go. ” Both songs have the same beat, baseline, hook two different genres and two different messages. “I’ve been really try in baby, tryna hold back these feelings for sooo long, and if you feel like I feel baby come on , ooooo come on , lets get it on“. Gaye Marvin.

“Let’s get it on”. Lets get it on Motown, 1973.

Marvin Gaye articulated lust and love in ways that presented sex as what it is for an adult, temporarily escaping the world. The song was inspired by Gayes thirst for his teenage girlfriend Janis Hunter, who later in his career became his second wife. 

The song centers around classical simple chord changes, the arrangements center around a slightly eccentric rhythm pattern that deepens the tracks power while covering with a contemporary veneer. In a slow melody sincerely expressing how deep his love is while the live instruments play, Gayes message to Janice is clearly stated. “There’s nothing wrong with me loving you baby no, no , and you giving yourself to me can never be wrong, if the love is true oh baby ,ooh , ooh”.

“ Gaye Marvin. “Lets get it on”. Lets get it on Motown, 1973. Direct and straight to the point the sexually –suggestive lyrics incorporates smooth Rnb soul and doo-wop. By listening to the lyrics we as the audience will without a doubt understand that Marvin Gaye is suggesting that who ever he is singing to should get it on.

“Stop beating around the bush lets get it on, you know what I’m talking about come on baby, let your love come out if you believe in love, lets get it on. ” “ Gaye Marvin. “lets get it on”. 

Lets get it on Motown, 1973. Whether it’s a sexual epiphany or just a deep desire for love in this original version the song and phrase was used to get the attention of a lover or future lover with the intentions of a sexual moment.

Three Decades later Juelz Santana a New York Emcee representing Harlem decided to reinvent the song in 2003 on his 2nd lp From me to you. ”Yah’ll dealing with a G from the block, yeah its me from the block, G from the block, (lets get it on ) But I don’t really like to beef on the block, I got to eat on the block, you dealing with a pimp from the hood keep a chick from the hood , Quick to tell her , hey, (lets get it on ) Santana Juelz. “Lets go” From me to you Roc-a-fella, 2003. Putting a little hip hop twist to it by speeding up the tempo, adding harder kicks, snares, a sample of the baseline and Marvin Gayes voice after every four bars this track had a new meaning and Genre. Juelz flow about 4 bars and the sample comes in right on time as Juelz brags about his aura, swagger, credentials in the streets and the scene of hip hop. 

Juelz Santana renamed the song and dedicated it to his fans letting them know that it is his time to shine.

I’m one hell of a guy, fly fella can fly, like Scarface, one hell of a high shit, one hell of a ride that I drive 23’s look like propellers on the side”. “Lets go” From me to you Roc-a-fella, 2003.

Line for line “lets get it on” had a new meaning whereas Marvin Gaye showed us how to speak to a woman in a seductive way Expressing our love while Santana took it to a whole new era in hip hop to speak the streets representing his flashy flamboyant swag. Same song two total opposite meanings

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