Using Green Products Make a Difference

For years people have been told that habits such as recycling and using green products are making a difference, but are they really? Recycling is taking certain waste products and reusing them, and green products are often referred to as products, services or practices that allow for economic development while conserving for future generations. (What is a Green product, n.d). What items can be recycled is a question that is asked frequently, and there many answers for that such as: plastic bags, bottle, cans, metal, paper, and even more products than that, those are just the basics. After researching on the habits of recycling or using green products making a difference, I have begun to believe that it does benefit not only the earth, but everyone on it as well.

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“Using Green Products Make a Difference”

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Recycling comes with many benefits such as, minimizing pollution, and preserving natural resources. Why should natural resources be preserved? The 9 benefits of Recycling article states that The world’s natural resources are finite, and some are in very short supply. (9 benefits of recycling, 2018 March 29). Preserving natural resources will cause them to stay around for the next generations, instead of becoming extinct. Recycling minimizes pollution by taking the waste products and renewing them instead of taking them to the landfill where they will sit and take forever to decompose and just become poisonous to the earth and us.

Also, by recycling products money is saved, because instead of buying new products the old ones are reused which is way cheaper than producing or buying new ones. Another reason recycling saves money according to EHow’s YouTube video is that by reducing space in landfills, by saving trees and by reducing the cost of dumping used materials. (Ehow, 2009 July 9 ). Green products are Eco friendly products that are reusable and not harmful to people. The benefits of Green cleaning state that It has been proven that using green products for cleaning can reduce health issues such as eye, respiratory and skin burns or irritations, allergies, headaches, chemical poisoning, nausea, and even reproductive hazards. (The benefits of Green Cleaning,2012, January 9).

Recycling and green products can also have many disadvantages such as bad product, time consuming, increasing pollution, and energy consumption. Recycling is supposed to decrease pollution but the article 13 Advantages and Disadvantages of Recycling; states that recycling tons of garbage will require waste to be transported, sorted, cleaned, and processed in separate factories all of which need energy and may result in by-products that can pollute air, water, or soil. (13 Advantages and Disadvantages of Recycling, n.d). Another disadvantage of recycling is that a bad product can be made, because somethings can only be reused so many times until they become fragile, or flimsy. Most think that going green is a simple step, and will not take up much time, but Rapid advance states that some will require constant monitoring and effort to ensure all systems that can be converted are. (Rapid Advanced, 2016, October 5). When looking outside the skies are blue and pretty, the leaves are changing colors, and there is grass on the ground instead of dirt.

The movie Wall-E is a great example of what will happen to this earth and everyone on it if habits such as recycling and using green products are no longer done. There are no trees in the movie, no grass, no pretty blue skies, just garbagepiles and piles of garbage. In Tara’s article she states that 75,000 trees could be saved by recycling one run of the Sunday edition of the New York Times. (Tara, 2017, July 13). That is only one day out of a seven-day week period that these are printed off!

Imagine recycling papers that have been thrown away in the office at work, wrapping paper from sandwiches, or homework that is no longer needed. How much paper is that? How many trees are saved then? Another thing, if the world was to end up like it is made out to be in the movie Wall-E what will happen to everyone? Not recycling is hurting everyone just as bad as it is hurting the earth. On the map from Number of U.S landfill facilities in 2015 by region you can see that there were 624 landfill facilities in the South of the U.S. (Number of U.S landfill Facilities in 2015 by Region. n.d). These landfills fill up pretty quickly because of the trash everyone throws out each day, and the waste just sits there for who knows how long before it starts to decompose. By the waste sitting there it causes the air to become polluted and hard to breathe in. The air will never not be polluted especially now since there are millions if not billions of cars driving around every day, but by reducing the landfills it gives everyone a chance to breathe in less polluted air and even more room for trees that provide oxygen.

After taking time and learning the advantages and disadvantages of recycling and using green products, and seeing what could be done to this earth if these habits are not passed on; the question still stands are these habits really making a difference? Yes, the habits are making a difference. Take a moment and think about the movie Wall-E Could that be the next generations future if they are not taught habits like recycling or the usage of green products? One simple saying can be said and taught to the younger generations to teach them and that is Recycle, Reduce, Reuse!

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