Music Will Heal the World

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Everybody goes through that hard time where you feel as if nothing can make it better. But throughout life I have experienced one thing that can make my day a bit brighter, and that’s music. With every heartache or stressful time, I’ve always turned to songs to express as to what I can’t even be able to express. There is just something about a melody, lyrics or a tune that can calm even my craziest of emotions. I know that with music it can help with being able to set the mood, relax, to just be able to think and to just deal with any sort of problem. I believe music makes you feel a feeling, and a song makes you feel a mood and words make you think. So today I will convince the slightest of doubt as to why music can heal anybody’s troubled soul.

I believe that music can do many things to help a person have a relaxing day. Music would always help me relax whether I was really tired from school or just having a stressful day. There was a saying that songs with a light melody are recommended to help concentrate in trying to read or study. When I listen to soft music it helps me on my homework, study and read. At first I found it kind of hard to read and listen to music at the same time but after a few time with music in the background, it didn't really bother me it actually helped me concentrate better than before.

It’s know that music can help with settling your mood. Mood can drastically change before you know it and I feel that music can help change a person's mood for the better. One time I remember I was so mad, so I decided to listen to a random song on my phone and it drastically changed my mood. It actually got all the anger out of me. It didn’t just work because it was just a song, but it was one of those songs where their lyrics connected with my feelings and it made me somehow connected. Whenever I had felt stressed, I would always listen to Bruno Mars. His songs to me have powerful words and powerful meanings that helped me feel better and help me come back to reality. When I’m sad, I would listen to sad songs with lyrics that would show reasons as to why I was sad, but then I would change it up to something more upbeat and it would get me out of my funk right away. I believe that music would get those feelings out of me. Something I don’t do it very often. Music to me is a language than speaks louder to me than anything.

Whenever I have too many things in my head music was always able to make me forget all the things scattering around in my head. It would help me make sense of reality. There were times where I find myself thinking more when I’m listening to music than when I was not. Music to me was like my own personal therapy. Music would help me think clearly and help me understand what I have to do and what else needs to get done. Music to me can heal.

I believe that music not only helps us on our daily life problems, but it also helps us deal with the struggle. I know music can heal. Once it heals nothing is ever really impossible. Music was and always be apart of my life as it should to yours. Whether it was just there to help me set the mood, relax, to just be able to think or to just deal with any sort of problem. It has helped me overcome many problems in my life. To me music has made me stronger and become a better person. And I know it can help you too, just like it helped me. 

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