The Genre of Hip-Hop Rap Music

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What's your favorite genre of music? Me, personally, I like Hip-Hop/Rap music. Yes, I did say Hip-Hop/Rap music. Although they hip-hop and rap aren't the same thing, they still go hand in hand with each other. Rap music is basically just a huge part of the Hip-Hop community. A long time ago the word rap meant to strike or to hit something. Over time it later became to mean to speak of talk ( Hip-Hop/Rap music history traces back thousands of years ago. In African villages they had get togethers or gatherings called griots, where village story tellers played basic hand-made instruments while they told stories about their family or about their history over the beat of the music ( It wasn't until the 1970s that this genre of music was introduced in America. Specifically, on August 11th of 1973, in the city of Bronx, New York Hip-Hop music was created. It was created by a man that went by the name of DJ Kool Herc, the first DJ founding father of Hip-Hop ( He came about this fashion of music by being the DJ at his sister Cindy's back to school parties that she hosted in the recreation room of their apartment. One-night DJ Kool Herc wanted to get creative and try something new with the music. He decided to get two turntables and play the same section break of the beat from James Brown's song Clap Your Hands ( From this point on Hip-Hop was booming. Later on, DJ Kool Herc came to came to the conclusion that a mic and a MC were a necessary part in his performance. So, he decided to get a MC that goes by the name of Coke La Rock to perform with him as he worked his magic on the turntables. These two performed at numerous parties together, but at one of their performance's history was changed forever. MC Coke La Rock spit his very first bar on the mic, There's not a man that can't be thrown, not a horse that can't be rode, a bull that can't be stopped, there's not a disco that I Coke La Rock can't rock ( At that moment he became the first official rapper, and Hip-Hop/Rap music took off! This fashion of music is what I listen to everyday. My favorite rapper that is Kentrell Gaulden, better known as NBA Youngboy (Never Broke Again). He is a rapper from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He is at the top of my list for rappers right now for various reason. One reason that he is my favorite rapper is because in his music he doesn't just talk about the same thing or topic in every song. In songs he may talk about his upbringing, struggling, his trials and tribulations, his love life, and much more. He makes music that I'm able to just vibe to no matter how I'm feeling throughout the day. When I say vibe, I'm referring to being able to get hype or even if I want to just chill and just relax. Another reason he's my favorite rapper is because he talks about his real-life events. When listening to his music you can truly tell that the events that he raps about have actually happened in his life or are happening in his life. It's not just for the publicity or to make him seem as if he's living a lifestyle that he honestly isn't living. Last, but not least he's my favorite rapper because of his accomplishments. When I mention his accomplishments, I'm referring to how far he has come in life at such a young age. NBA Youngboy is nineteen years old with four children. Being a young black boy from Baton Rouge, Louisiana he didn't grow up with the best experiences or didn't have the strongest support system. He has been in and out of the juvenile and prison system. Knowing that he had a rough background growing up, and seeing where and how far he has come today with his rap career is amazing. He is a nineteen-year-old millionaire who has come from one of the most dangerous cities in America. Hip-Hop/Rap music has had a tremendous impact on society all over the world, and is still influencing older generations and many more to come. There have been and there still are many great rappers that are inspiring people of all backgrounds and etc.
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