The Big Bang Theory is a Theory of how the Universe Started

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The big bang theory is a theory of how the universe started. Most people do believe that the big bang theory was the start of the universe, but then you have some that don’t believe that. They believe that the universe was always here and that there was nothing that created it. You also have some people that believe that the big bang was actually a bang, the name is kind of misleading because it says "big bang" but really it was an expansion, not an explosion. The universe started from gas, and just started to expand, think of like a balloon when you blow it up, it expands; the universe is actually still expanding. A recent questionnaire gives proof that most Americans don’t believe that the universe started 13.8 billion years ago. There was also another question that stated some do believe that the universe started with a bang, not an expansion.

The steady State theory is pretty much the same thing that was already talked about, and it’s pretty much just stating that the universe expands and didn’t explode. Since astronomers can’t go all the way in the past when the universe was actually "born" all they really know about it is what they learn from mathematical formulas. It’s actually a really good thing to know how the universe was "born", because it helps you understand yourself.

Right after the big bang the temperature was about 10 billion degrees fahrenheit. When the universe got cooler the neutrons, electrons, and protons got closer together. The cosmic background is pretty much what people call the "afterglow" of the big bang, it was predicted for the first time by Ralph Alpher in 1984 but was found by accident.

To determine the age of the universe they observe the cosmic radiation background. They have sent plenty other satellites in space to determine the age of the universe but they find that observing the cosmic radiation background is a more effective way of determining the age of the universe. One observation in 2013 helped to determine that the age was 13.82 billion years old.
Later in 2014 an observation lead to the evidence of as the universe got bigger it created gravitational waves. A few months later they found that the results they got could have been altered. In september they found that all their findings was mostly but maybe all star dust.

More evidence of the fact that the big bang did in fact happen and not just what someone made up, because some people still believe that the big bang was not at all true, and that it’s just what someone came up with randomly. It seems that galaxies are moving away from us, which means that not only did the universe expand but that it continues to expand daily.

The big bang is one of many things people think is how the universe came to be, the only difference is that the big bang actually happened and the other theory’s didn't. A couple seconds after the expansion the universe expanded extremely fast. After the expansion later stopped, it was filled with dark plasma, and other elements.

There are a bunch of myths that have gone around, and after all the facts, and the proof that they have with the big bang people still find a way to try and say it didn't happen, or that it wasn't an expansion that it was an explosion. Not only that but other people think that the universe was just there, that it didn't come out of nowhere but was always here. Which is also a really big misconception because there's proof that before the universe there was nothing.

There are quite a few answers that have yet to be explained about the big bang. For example; the big bang itself, you can't really prove them, there's really no way to prove them to be right or not. If you think about it you can’t really think the universe was just here, it really just doesn't make any senses that people just believe that, and it had to have come from somewhere, so where if not the big bang.?
I personally think that the big bang actually happened and I guess I can't really talk for other people, but with all the proof and all the articles that have been published, I really don't see how you couldn't think it actually happened, because not only is there a whole lot of proof that the big bang happened, but what else could it have been.? I really think that the people that dont believe that the big bang happened really needs to be more open minded to the things they can’t see. If they aren't then they aren't going to be able to believe in most things, but the big bang actually makes a lot of sense I mean it is pretty much fact that there was nothing before the expansion so if there was nothing then what else could it have been.? It wasn't just there it had to have come from somewhere, and if not the big bang than where.

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