The Big Bang Theory in Science

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The Big Bang was the beginning of everything. All elements of matter come from the Big Bang in our universe. It all began when Einstein’s theory gave better understanding of gravity pull and Edwin Hubble discovered that the galaxies are always moving apart from one another. In 1964 Arno A. Penzias and Robert W. Wilson accidently discovered cosmic background radiation. This allowed evidence for the theory of the Big Bang making it acceptable. Technology, like Hubble’s telescope allows us to better understand the Big Bang and the structure of the cosmos. It has even led to evidence that our universe is always stretching and expanding as it cools.

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“The Big Bang Theory in Science”

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The Big Bang began 15 billion years ago. It happened everywhere at once there was no center or edge. Gravity pulled dust particles together and began to spin and heat up pulling in whatever passed by, this is called accretion. Gravity pulls matter together squeezing as it begins the process of heating up. This cloud of dust and particles quickly become thicker and thicker forming a hot spinning disk. The heat creates the spinning disk to get smaller brighter and hotter. The heavier dense elements would sink to the center while the lighter less elements rose to the top. Atoms fuse together releasing energy creating a star. This huge ball of matter than expanded and cooled and different elements were spread throughout the universe. It all As space stretched everywhere all at once, quickly expanding this same process of new planets and elements repeated. Instead of one massive ultimate force in the universe there were several versions of It acting under different rules. It begins to form new particles like protons and neutrons. After the universe became so hot causing it to condense it then cooled creating an expansion, growing to one hundred billion kilometers. It is now cold enough to allow the neutrons to decay into protons and formed the first atom, hydrogen. Our entire universe is mostly made from hydrogen and helium. This process continues and hydrogen clumps gas together after millions of years and forms stars and galaxies the earth and us humans and other atoms. Our galaxies are constantly evolving and growing. Since we are made of dead stars, we are not separate from the universe we are part of it.

There are many other theory’s and reasons that support and expand our knowledge of the Big Bang. Some theories were solved and helped us even better understand the Big Bang theory. We now have the technology and evidence to show whether they are facts or not. For example, the geocentric theory, and heliocentric theory. The heliocentric theory is the theory that the sun is at the center of all things while the earth and other planets revolve around it. Greek philosophers speculated that the earth was a sphere revolving daily around some “central fire” (sun). Two centuries later the idea was proposed that the earth and other planets move around the central object which was believed to be the sun. This theory is correct, and our planets still evolve around the sun. The Big Bang cooled and expanded and created many planets, but they all follow the gravity pull to stay in orbit of the sun, this is how a galaxy is formed.

Geocentric theory is the theory that the earth is the center of the universe. Greek astronomers assumed that the celestial bodies moving about the Earth followed perfectly circular paths. After observing and trying to find facts to support their theory there were not constant patters on celestial motion. Everything changed from month to month and the suns patch changed with time. In conclusion the Big Bang is not an explosion, it is the theory of how hot our early universe was and the explanation behind is cosmic expansion. The theory is not accepted yet because we have no proof or facts of how it happened and how everything was packed into a single point into the initial singularity. The initial singularity is the starting point of the universe but not knowing whether or not something came before. The data and facts we have collected provide truths and facts of the hot cosmos and the rapid expansion. There are no new ways to check for information about our earlier universe and what had happened. We do have evidence that prove hydrogen and helium came from space and started the makeup of everything surrounding us.

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