How the Universe Began

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Many believe the universe all come about over 10 billion years ago. It all started out as just a little blob which got hot and dense. Suddenly, this bubble got bigger and bigger and bigger. This created the Universe we live and do daily task within. You may think to yourself, "How can a force be so great that it can make an atom form such a big thing we have today?" According the theory the universe was created in singularity; center of black holes. This never ending cooling and expanding place we call Earth can continue to drop jaws each day. The uniqueness of this theory and our universe will continue to puzzle and create questions which may or may not be answerable, but the amount of evidence makes it to be a pretty believable thing.

It all starts somewhere with a theory which will even be tested and proven factual or kept as a theory. No matter how many facts we have on this topic questions will always arise to contradict if there is a way to knock it down to make it false in some way or form. So many pieces of evidence have been tested to prove the accuracy and truthfulness of the Big bang. For example, the galaxies seem to move away from the earth at speeds that are equal to their distance which is known as ??Hubble’s Law’ named after Edwin Hubble who made the discovery about this in 1929. If you weren’t aware already, s the theory explains that the universe was very hot before and there is evidence that can prove this. After the heat, the Cosmic microwave background radiation come into play to make a expansion. Finally the cluster of light elements which support the belief.

A theory that has many supporting facts behind it is Hubble’s Law. This law talks about how just because we see galaxies moving outward does not necessarily mean we are in the center. It is actually said that every galaxy will see other ones moving away unless they are apart of the same galaxy. For a visual representation chocolate chips in a muffin will see other chips going away from each other until it is fully expanded/baked. The speed of hubble’s law may be much faster, they calculate the speed using a doppler shift. Since the distance between galaxies are always expanding it is hard to determine the actual difference. They use the term lookback reference the time it takes light to reach us. This leads to a redshift directly to the lookback time, which has been proven by professionals.

Another important feature in all of this is the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation. This is a faint light that fills up the universe coming from many different directions, also known as the glow after the Big Bang; 14 billion years ago. There are actually 2 different theories on what could be the cause of this light. The first is that there is a big ball of light that has lasted over 10 billion years- in short. The second is, light just travels extremely fast. Regardless of the two thoughts we do know for a fact that CBD is the longest lived ball of light we know of. It was here before Earth and galaxies existed, and that’s a long long time ago.

Overall, the Big Bang Theory is crucial to our understanding of the world because it is such a point of how the universe was created and how it breaks down. We are able to prove this evidence as theories since we have advanced technology. With the technologies we have we are able to see farther out in and see the particles that have been left over. Something that is important to remember is that it is still technically a theory because it cannot be proven as a fact. We don’t have people from that time to tell us exactly what went on, that’s where technologies come into play. It is important to know their are many beliefs out there as to what went on and how it happened but most theories out there today have good supporting details behind them.

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