Dietary Science in the Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine

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Chinese medicine is made of the pains and sweat of the Chinese people. In legend, its origin comes from the story that Shennong tastes hundreds of herbs. It is the result of the wisdom of the Chinese people for thousands of years?and it is a powerful weapon for Chinese people to resist diseases and plagues for thousands of years.

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“Dietary Science in the Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine”

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Chinese medicine theory believes that food can be an alternative to drugs to some extent, and daily diet can also be used as a kind of medicine. Therefore, diet regimen is an essential part of people’s pursuit of physical health. The principles of diet regimen can be divided into 5 points.

  1. Relationship between food characters and human organs
  2. Chinese medicine theory holds that the five major organs in the human body correspond to the five colors of food. Green food supplements the liver, yellow food supplements the spleen, and white food enhances the function of the lungs. To enhance heart function, you need to eat more red food. If you want to strengthen your kidneys, you need to eat more black food. Food of the corresponding color can be used to supplement the corresponding body organs. Besides, the darker the color, the richer the nutrition.

  3. Dialectical diet
  4. The diet needs to be adjusted according to the season. In summer, we need to eat more eats and other foods to make up for the spleen and stomach. And in winter, we need to eat black sesame and other black food, so as to make up the kidneys. In addition, people also need to adjust their diet according to the personal physique characteristics. People who have heavy dampness inside the body cannot eat too much greasy food, and people whose limbs are cold need to eat more warm food instead of cold food.

  5. Reasonable collocation of food
  6. The theory of traditional Chinese medicine has also explored the efficacy of different kinds of food. Meat can produce heat, but at the same time, it also contributes to dampness in the body. Vegetables and fruits can dredge the stomach and reduce the absorption of toxic substances. At the same time, coarse grain and fine grain should also be properly matched.

  7. Pay attention to food hygiene and abstinence
  8. Besides paying attention to the food itself, the theory of traditional Chinese medicine also mentions the way of eating. Diet hygiene is an important way to protect human health. Abstinence in diet also helps to reduce the burden on the body.

  9. Method of eating

When you are having a meal, be slow and attentive, which is good for gastrointestinal digestion and liver relaxation. After dinner, remember to take a walk and rinse your mouth.

The influence of traditional Chinese medicine is marvelous and magnificent. It has penetrated into the daily life of Chinese people, and has formed a way of living, even a kind of national spirit. Therefore, it is necessary for us to Inherit and develop Chinese medicine culture, so that Chinese medicine will continue to benefit the Chinese people, and even the people all over the world.


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