The Benefits and Risks of Exercise for Youth

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I read many researches about the benefits and risks of exercise for kids. There are supporters and opponents with these exercises for kids. As well as, Children and adult have response of training exercises but those responses are different of each other. Kids are not like adult. We cannot utilize the same training techniques as them do. Children have physiological, anatomical, and emotional differ than adult and adolescents. Therefore, we can help them to improve their capacities for their personal health.

  • Some of advantages are that kids being engaged in training activity at an early age is that it elevate their awareness on the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. It also increases their confidence levels especially the ones that are involved in sports, walking and positive nutrition programs. More benefits are that exercising reduces kids' risk of getting type 2 diabetes, asthma, obesity, stronger muscles and bones, spinal cord injury, and lower blood pressure.
  • Some of the risk are increase stunts, training in too muggy or hot conditions are big risks, and sport injuries to long bones, lower back and muscle injuries that leads to Osgood schlatter's disease are very complex.
  • One of the more observed kids program is Biglachy03 that involves knee lifts, bending knees, walking and stretching of different variations to start the warm up. Exercise 1 is jumping jacks, 2 Slalom jump, 3 Ski jump, 4 squat thrust and push, 5 Alternate toe touch, 6 Stair climber, 7 Trunk renovations, 8Shuttle runs with balls. The Biglachy03 program seems to mix an intense circuit that will benefit the kids in growing, fitness and filling out leanly as they grow.
  • Another program is the Sky zone where kids have a fun version of plyometric and agility exercises. The Sky zone provides many trampolines based fun activities like basketball, on and off ramp exercises, and bouncy castles.
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