The Advantages of not Eating Meat

Meat is bad for you because of many reasons concerning your health. Meat is the cause of several illnesses including cancer and many more health issues. Eating meat is not a good idea because of how it makes it harder maintain a healthy weight and after a long period of time, and this can slowly lead to death.

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“The Advantages of not Eating Meat”

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Eating meat causes many deaths around the world. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, that researched deaths caused by eating meat, state that, Out that around 700,000 people in 2012 developed Type 2 Diabetes. Even cancers happened as a result of diets including meat. Around 50% of the people who died, did not have the right nutrition in their foods which were mainly from processed meats. According to Plant Based News, Eating red meat will shorten your lifespan and vegetarians will live longer lives because of not having meat in their diets. Your life is more important than eating meat.

Furthermore eating meat isn’t just bad for you, but it is bad for the animals that you eat, and the environment. According to, A single cow used for milk can drink up to 50 gallons of water per day-or twice the amount in hot weather-and it takes 683 gallons of water to produce 1 gallon of milk, and 2,400 gallons of water to produce 1 pound of beef. In order for 2 pounds of beef a cow has to drink 4,800 gallons of water, or twice the amount of hot weather which is 9,600 gallons of water. Also, according to Animal Equality, Over 56 billion animals are killed each year and most of these are farmed animals. That means in two years, 112 billion farm animals are killed. This must stop because it is doing more harm than it is doing good.

Some people say that when you don’t eat meat you aren’t receiving enough protein in your diet, and it is unhealthy for you. According to, Broccoli contains more protein per calorie than steak and, per calorie, spinach is about equal to chicken and fish. Additionally, according to Health Line, Meat doesn’t give you enough nutrients. For example meat doesn’t give you enough Vitamin C, which is important because it strengthens and builds up tissues it also gives protein to your ligaments and more parts of the human body

Eating meat is not healthy or good for the environment. Evidence from many different sources makes it clear that sicknesses are the result of eating several different types of meat. Your health, and the animals around the world living in dirty conditions are in your hands and having a temptation to eat meat should not be a higher priority.

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