Different Eating Disorders in Society

In this society, many different eating disorders are happening lately. It is becoming a major problem throughout the world and most specifically in the United States. Everyone in all ages and gender have been suffering from different eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge eating. About over twenty-four million people have suffered from this in the United States. In this world, it has become worse but it can be prevented and people can help themselves by controlling the problem. Many teenagers and young adults like to follow their role model on social media and be like them especially on how their body looks, so they tend to starve themselves so they can look like their role model. Also, by looking at celebrities, most celebrities go on crazy diets to make themselves look good. Since celebrities have money to afford personal trainers, organic foods, and etcetera, it is easier for them to have a nice body.

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“Different Eating Disorders in Society”

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Since social media had taken over a major impact in the society to show what an “ideal” body is. People now still go through having eating disorders and it affects women from ages fifteen to thirty years old.

Eating disorders among athletes can prevent sensitivity to weight particularly while playing sports. This is a common thing that happens with athletes, but it can also lead damage to the performance. It is normal to find athletes being anorexic, it is common where the athletes’ weight can cause a significance on how they do well while playing the sport. Sports such as long-distance running relates to the performance for physiological reasonings. People that run had the optimum well being in their weight will not have a good performance. In sports, there is a certain weight limit that has to be reached such as wrestling and boxing. If the athlete’s weight does not reach the limit that means that the athlete cannot play the sport.

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