The Differences between Eating Disorder

The Differences between Eating Disorder and Disorder Eating The main difference between disorder eating and the eating disorder is their magnitude. Although people suffering from disordered eating and ordered disorder may depict connatural behaviors, the later has less frequency and severity (Toni et al. 906).

Albeit, the behaviors exhibited by an individual with disordered eating are less severe and frequent, American Psychiatric Association posits that they may be problematic and serious. According to Anderson, disordered eating is problematic because it has not yet manifested itself and stays incubated and unknown. As described by Anderson disordered eating is an eating disorder that is in the descriptive stage and has not yet been diagnosed. Besides, disordered eating may be difficult to detect due to failure to display classic symptoms (Ekern). In contrast, an eating disorder is easy to identify and diagnose since the classic symptoms are evident.

On this basis, eating disorder depicts defined signs and symptoms that can be classified as diseases like rumination, pica, bulimia, nervosa, anorexia and binge-eating disorder, while disordered eating depicts symptoms that cannot be categorized as complete diseases such as binge eating, excessive exercise and weight loss (Toni et al. 906). While eating disorder is an illness that arises from the habit of improper eating, disordered eating arises from irregular eating habits (Anderson).

Hence an individual with disordered eating does not conform to internal cues of satisfaction or fullness or even hunger (Leon). Such individuals follow a non-flexible manner, lack a specific plan and drop some amount of food to concentrate on others. Conversely, eating disordered assumes some order that is regular but is improper. As a result, individuals with eating disorder embrace the habits of severe overeating, extreme food intake or unhealthy reduction of food intake.

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