Corruption in the Meat Industry

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Introduction To Sociology

We all enjoyed a nice piece of meat rather is steak or chicken. Growing up, we all learned that meat is a necessary part in our diet. First, what is meat? Is a form of animal tissue that human used as food in many dishes. Biologically speaking meat is a source of protein the body needs to function. For many centuries human has been consuming animal tissues for different reason example in some culture in which they practice voodooism many people tend to believe the eating animal flesh will give them some kind of super power.

In the past years many questions I’ve been asked, like are we human omnivore or carnivore since the beginning of time hunting was the primary way for human survival. As time pass by people begin to develop certain disease that are relate to foods for that reason, we are becoming more aware of what we eat. Human can be either omnivore or carnivore but many believed people human body didn’t design to digest meat. We don’t have the same anathomically body structure like a lion or tiger. Let’s talk about the meat industry, the place that raise and prepare our meat. One of the most eaten meat in America is chicken but consume other kind of meat like steak, lamb, pork, sausage, hot dog, and many more. Over the course of years many article and people has been trying to shade some light on the way animals has mistreated by the meat industry. We all seem to ignore it, because many believe they can’t have a normal diet without including meat in their daily meal. Let’s begin with the way they raised and feed the animals. According to the National Agriculture and Statistic, April, ( 2018), writes that ‘’every year more than 8 billion chicken killed for human consumption. The industry used the name broilers when referring to chicken and force them to eat by using small cage and artificial light and other harmful substance’’. For such a fast growing population the meat industry must find a way to feed approximately 327.8 million of people. Therefore, they must produce triple the amount of product than normal. To speed up the growing process of those chicken, genetic growth promoting drug has injected to them. Which cause a fast increase weight, ( Author, Victor G Stanley, ‘’ poultry sciense, 1997. Line 3). Statistic has revealed that 40 percent of the pharmaceutical drugs are used by the meat industry company. This is the biggest increase in drug usage by the meat industry since the beginning 1940. (NCBI, Enderson E.S 1978). Many study

Has revealed people who tend to eat a lot of animal product have high a change to develop gene resistance to certain antimicrobial. In 1985, researcher had found a drug-resistance to salmonella enterica which lead to the death of an elderly woman from drinking milk in the state of Arizona. ( Maden , Jensen, 2000). Salmonella is a bacteria that can affectes both human and animal . Many of those antibiotic such as’’gentamicin aren’t allow to uses on animal but the meat industry still find a way to used the drug on animal (American Society Of Microbiology, Luangtongkum, 2006). Chicken mortality rate has gone higher than ever before. One of the many issues we facing today is the unhuman way of killing these animal. Some of them even died before get to the slaughter house. Sometime the worker don’t give them any food or water before the get to the slaughter house

At the slaughter house they violently grab them by various body part which sometime causing fracture of their leg or wing. On their trip to the slaughter house, they leave them hungry and dehydrated . When workers are tired of working all day they take their frustration out on those chicken by grab them by their neck try to kill them in a gruesome way like kick them. The most unfortunate are the baby hens. Since they are no uses for the eggs industry. Just hours after their birth they put them into a blender and grin them alive (Peta Organization- Author: Amis, Ellit Nutt, 8 December, 2018).In many fast food restaurant like Mc Donald the same ground baby hens meat uses for chicken nugget.

What we failed to realize is one of the main reason we so attache to animals like dog or a cat is the fact that we live we them but if could switch it to a chicken or a cow it would’ve been the same kind of emotional attachment between. We often uses this sentence ‘’ bird brain’’ to describe someone less smart than others. Chicken has the capability of remembering things but people tend to look at them like they are just a piece of meat with no sense of feeling pain or excitement., Chic are very protective as a mother when it come to their baby, at an early age they become independent. If chicken did not have any cognitive ability they wouldn’t know things like making sure their baby follow them wherever they go ( Farm Sunctionary, Author: Dr Roger L. publishing 1995). If we look deeply chicken has some similarities dog with for example: They both get excited over treats, caring nature for their baby, and very competitive. Animal welfare should be the number one priority for the meat industry, company like Tyson often lied on how they killed their animal as humanely is possible, but we all have footage of videos that shows other wise.

The problem with today is not that we consume animal flesh. Meat has been a part of our diet for thousand of years. It is more like the lies and the unhealthy meat that the meat industry put out on the market, and the unhumane killing in the slaughter house. As a result certain disease like cancer, E.coli, Food born intoxication, and many more. America has becoming one of the top country in chain of the meat consumer. Many study have link certain meat like hot dog, sausage, and red meat to cancer. American Cancer Society have released an article and they writes, ‘’ salting, curing, fermenting of red meat like pork, and beef. May link to centain cancer like colorectal cancer’’ ( Author: Stacy Simon, October, 26, 2015). However, it doesn’t mean white meats are safer. In the past year many of the five star restaurant got sued for using cancer causing chemical, Amanda Woodvine writes. ‘’Heterocyclic Aromatic Amine (HAAs) it’s a hazardous chemical that can be found in grilled chickens its link to cancer in human. In 2005, it was put on the list of US government of carcinogen’’. We can make a change by helping bring light the animal abuse of the meat industry by telling other people that are not aware of the level of cruelty going on within the meat industry.

To conclude, We all know veganism is not an easy path, but if one could minimize the amount of meat that intake daily the number of animal that are killed everyday would drop significantly, and the percentage of people dying of heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, and cancer would change for the best.

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