The Real Truth of Poultry Genetically Modified Meat

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People do not realize the true dangers they face in their own homes. Consumers idealize this safe place but, in reality, we are far from being safe. Food is something you wouldn't think to fear; many consumers tend to believe that they are buying natural products but in reality, they are actually consuming modified foods. People are brainwashed to believe that the origin from their products is reliable. The food industry has genetically modified meat and this has affected the health of people all around the country. The USDA has taken actions in helping prevent the spread of bacteria such as E-coli and Salmonella. The company passed regulations to help secure the safety of the meat and poultry products. HAACP has been required that each plant in the country is to regularly test all meat products for E.coli and Salmonella before distribution. With this action in place, the government expected the rate of bacteria to decline from the meat growth. The government created a method called the Meat Inspection Act, due to many cases. This required many factories to clean up and require strict regulations for washing and decrease amounts of exposure. This method was to help lower the bacteria on the meat. Slaughterhouses, where required to meet the needs, if not they, would be forcefully required to shut down.

Labs have been conducted to determine the dangerous effects that this bacteria can create. Consumers do not fully understand the background towards the multiple foodborne illnesses that have been expanding over the past century. This result is due to the meat distributors lack of ignorance. According to the Journal of food and safety, Beef is a chemical composition that is 70-73% water,20-25% proteins and 4.8 lipids,(pg 548 Journal of Food Safety). This helps the consumer understand that our own food products are mainly consumed of concentrated gasses that we are not fully aware of. Since these results distributors have been required to carry out proper hygiene practices due to its lack of unsanitary procedures. This is mainly referred to the current slaughterhouses that fully control the being of the consumer's meat. Unsanitary exposure has been the result of many crucial bacteria. For example, E.coli. is such a harmful bacteria that can kill you slowly in the time span of 12 days as fast. According to Patricia During 1990-1999, 26.2% were children younger than 10 years old died'',( pg141. Prevalence of some bacteria). This helps the reader understand on the level of seriousness consumers are facing. Many families have lost loved ones due to this factor. To this day consumers are still affected by this in many harmful ways.

Biotechnology has also been chemically used to eliminate the bacteria from the products. Many industries are producing genetically engineered meat into the consumer's world. This product is unsanitary and is the cause of many foodborne illnesses today. Genetically modified meat is very dangerous, as when consumed it has triggered an allergic reaction to the organs and cause the body to disrupt from the inside. Factories are manufacturing meat but do not realize the unhealthy damage they are releasing into the world. Communities have taken action in helping push government requirements for food safety all around the world in hope that the rate of deaths will decrease someday. As in the article the committee considered the potential food safety raised by biotechnology''(pg4 The Nations health)

Although Genetically modified poultry may be harmful to you, it can benefit a person in many other ways. Food will never be scared for the industries have used herbicides and pesticides to help the product grow fast. This benefits the consumer by bringing the product in a shorter period of time.

Genetically modified food is dangerous in many ways to our health. Consumers so take a stand-in deciding what is best for their families. We rely on the food industry to protect and help us, but the reality is sealed. It's sealed from the truth. As young as kids we are taught to eat and ingest foods that we think are okay but the truth is a whole other story. Its time we stop hiding in the shadows and take a stand for the families put them and our country.

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