The Accomplishments and Contributions of Susan B. Anthony 

Susan B. Anthony was a great women. Her childhood was different, she fought for women’s rights, she also had two other campaigns. Susan B. Anthony was born in 1820, on February, 15.[Source 2]She was the second out of seven kids,and her parents were Lucy Read Anthony and Daniel Anthony. Her father was the owner of a cotton mill.[Source 5] The girls that worked at the cotton mill, lived with Susan.Susan grew up loving to read.But she would read many hours, in bad lighting, which made one of her eyes become crossed.[Source 1] Susan went to a boarding school[Source 9],but one day her father decided to homeschool her.[Source 8]Even at a young age she wanted things to be different.One day she asked her father if a women could be the boss, at the cotton mill, he answered her question, with a no.[Source 1]

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“The Accomplishments and Contributions of Susan B. Anthony ”

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Fighting for Women’s Rights

Susan B. Anthony was fighter for women’s rights. She gave many speeches and was apart of many organizations. Susan was a part of the American Equal Rights Association and the National Woman’s Suffrage Association.[Source 6] Susan was one of the founders of the Natinol Women’s Suffage Associaton, along with another woman’s rights activist, Elizabeth Cady Stanton.[Source 11] The American Equal Rights Association, wanted everybody to be equal, no matter how you looked, or your gender.[Source 12] The Susan also gave many speeches,about 75-100 a year, about how women’s rights should change.[Source 7 and 1] and she would travel long distances just to give them. At some of her speeches people would throw eggs at her, and call her an old maid.[Source 5]

Not everything in her journey went smooth, she had many, ups and downs. In 1972, she voted illegally, and did not want to pay the fine.But that helped the cause.[Source 7 and 8] Then when the 15th amendment passed, it made her work harder.[Source 7]

Other Campaigns

Susan B. Anthony didn’t just fight for women’s rights she also had two other campaigns. She wanted to end slavery and stronger alcohol laws.[Source 7 and 10] Susan’s father was very strict about drinking and her whole family was too.[Source 10] Susan B. Anthony was also a abolitionist. She was apart of the American Anti-Slavery Society, and helped many slaves escape using the underground railroad .[Source 4]

Susan B. Anthony was a great women, but sadly passed in 1906.[Source 3] Her early beliefs, is what I think made her an activist. She felt that there was more issues to campaign for. She broke the law but it was for a good cause, and she didn’t care what other thought. Could you do that? 

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