How did Susan B. Anthony Contribute to the Women’s Suffrage Movement?

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The investigation will examine the research question, How did Susan B. Anthony contribute to the women’s suffrage movement and how does it impact today. It will analyse the main factors of how knowledgeable was Susan B. Anthony persuading other women and herself to gather for this suffrage. SOURCE 1:

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“How did Susan B. Anthony Contribute to the Women’s Suffrage Movement?”

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The book Susan B. Anthony. Susan Brownell ), exploring and justify the invasion is relevant to this investigation as it gives an idea of how Brownell was like. We can put this source as of why she joined the civil rights movement. The book was published in Rochester, New York in April, 1945, edited by Dexter Perkins, City Historian and Blake Mckelvey, Assistant City Historian, is an academic analysis of the invasion and is relevant to this questions has it develop the ideal featured of Susan. . Anthony lifestyle, we can use this as. reasoning of her becoming the woman she is to history. The value of this origin of the book by Blake Mckelvey, is that it was published in the time period we can conquer accurate informations that can be reliable. This provided most significant background of Brownell than any after in the 2000s. A value of this purpose is, this book came from more than one person’s sources. A value of this purpose is it’s an official poster represented the women’s right with words on it, obtaining. vision so we can go back and look at what has happened.

A limitation of the origin is that it’s didn’t state who exactly drew this picture, it can be an imposter that didn’t know any accurate information. The limitation of this purpose is informing the wrong perspective out to the world about the women’s rights movement. The content is limited as it’s only focus on features wise instead of including other descriptions about it. A value of the origin of the illustration is that it’s an historical evidence connected to the women’s right movement. A value of this purposes is you don’t need to questions rather or not what did do to get attention from the people. A value of this content is, we know it’s an illustration, and it is to inform about the social issue happening to the dated date, but in visual form. However. limitation of this origin is that some might not know exactly what it’s purpose for, critical thinking might be require. Also, illustration doesn’t give out as much information as writing sources. But another value for this piece is that it shows how the women were dressed like, protest like, and performed like, also where was it happened. A limitation of this work is it only focuses on one event, not proper to understood any other reasons of the extend. SOURCE. :

Timeline of the women’s right movement, exploring and justify the invasion is relevant to this investigation as it tells the sequence of what happened in important events. The timeline made by Leonore Annenberg Institute for Civics, is an academic analysis of the invasion and is relevant to this questions by information important events of the past about how women started their protest till the end of an agreement to get to vote. The value of this origin of the illustration from Leonore Annenberg Institute for Civics, was not also informing details but providing illustrations to present the event … value of this purpose is, the illustration are historical sources by real people back in the past. A value of this purpose is, the information is stating important people, who was the first woman nominated for president, and Susan. Anthony. Reflecting ok there actions to women’s right social issues. A limitation of the origin is that it’s didn’t state who really created this timeline. If the person can be trusted or not. By. local teacher, former student, or anybody. The limitation of this purpose is this is not written from the time being passed by, we are given information that is not accurate. The content is limited as it’s only focus on big event, and not everything that has happened. A value of the origin of the timeline is the purpose to inform the issues and popular events that involved in the women’s right movements. A value of this purposes is you are given. lot of information and know what happened before and after. A value of this content is, the illustration we’re connected to the details and made it seems more understandable. However. limitation of this origin is this didn’t have any sort of counterclaim of what other people has thought of the time but only what the women activist had only experienced.


What Susan B.. Brownell. Anthony contributed to the women’s suffrage was she influenced women to participate, she was the leader and the speaker for the suffrage. She was. women’s rights activist who played. pivotal role in the women’s suffrage movement. She then influenced women during the time when she got interested of the idea to get votes. She herself was. writer, suffragist, and abolitionist. She had advantages, and disadvantage during the, process of getting women to vote. Even though she didn’t make it till the day it was officially passed on August 18, 1920. She was born on February 15, 1820, into. Quaker family that was committed to social equality. At the age of 17 she became an anti-slavery petition. She worked for an agent American Anti Slavery, discussing about the civil war issues casing what happens in the society. Being able to decide what to do at the age of 17 she continue on and carried away with. bigger journey. She conducted. Anti-slavery campaign in 1961. Her beliefs were very clear that she did not like slavery, and will conceive every race of all women conving all of them to support her activism. After being. teacher she decided to join the National Woman’s Suffrage Association.

She joined because she believed in equality in women and man. She saw how women was treated, and as herself she didn’t like how it was liked. So, she made her mind to think of make differences. She wanted to help and extend the needs, of the strength she has. She had went to 28 states, and received 10000 signatures, which means she contribute. easier pathway. By, doing that she had already sent. message that encouraged women to be apart of this, and thrived together. She then took action and was introduced to Elizabeth Cady Stanton by one of the leaders of the women’s right movement, Amelia Bloomer This amendment was presented by her successors and herself. She then, made it possible to become vice president. Also she and on to becoming the president. In 1869, the National Woman Suffrage Association, led by Anthony was formed for an amendment to the Constitution. This means, her leading will guide into good hands. Also she was the first women to calls the first Women’s Suffrage Convention in Washington D.C. When she became the leader, she wanted strategies that were able to support the law of women’s having the right to vote. When Anthony took charge of the Women’s Suffrage, as president she merged to blocked out interferences so the vote could passed. She did the hard work, for the others to step through easily. This impacted to the women’s right to vote because, she was able to make it happened, and make it processed. She contributed leadership onto others. Even though it wasn’t easy for her because many men were disagreeing with the idea.

A lot of hate, leads to disadvantages, but also the Women’s Suffrage were able to conduct their passion into this in movement. For example walking with poster to send messages. Anthony had received to pay fines, but still she refused and never paid them. This suffrage had the women right to vote became. massive movement. It happened worldwide, and continued for. long time. When Anthony’s death happened, this didn’t lead to any stopping for the civil right movement of the women. Even after Anthony death, her name was remembered everywhere. She contributed. legacy of herself. Nobody at this point, that were apart of the Women’s Suffrage haven’t given up yet. Due to desperation of the women’s rights to vote, there were still many civil rights movement that was constantly happened and constantly spread about the women’s suffrage. This was an easy way to spread, and recruit supporters. All were gathered by women and even men who supported this issue.

What they did was, they would make. move to different destination, carried sigh and chant, to get attention and show that they are fierceful, and that it was still going. Means they would not stop until they received their rights. The movement grew when going around, for people to join. With that, and because of the message sent to worldwide had make its way to make the women’s right movement into. proposition. When it was down to vote time, the republican decided to vote pass for this law to happen. If it wasn’t for Anthony work for gathering women up and supervised of being the leader, and everyone she connect to beliefs, today women will have no voice still. For example the law wasn’t just toward to fight for women to vote, nut to be able to prevent negativity that the society look down on women, equality equal payment, equal freedom of speech, and equal votes. The ability to make. choice, and have. voice like they matter too.


The process of this investigation had allowed me to use. variety of research methods and experiences some that the historian had face. One limitation was,. couldn’t find any autobiography about her, wasn’t what. was expected. I wanted to look for information from her point of view. Even though she was an author herself, she didn’t wrote an autobiography. My investigation had highlight the life of what it’s like to not have women power at all, and how strong these women in 1981 had overcome it. They stand strong together with no racial disagreement, no discrimination, and no principles against each other. One challenge of the historian faced was to identify the puzzles and reconstruct the past to make it understandable for themselves and for others to see what they were able to see. In order to do that, it will be to guess the chronological order on your own and see if it makes sense .The primary sources revolve, knowledge, explanation, objectivity, and the choice of subject that explains the historical event.. have learned that primary sources can be bad because the eyewitness of the primary sources can be too close on topic and not on other conflict that can help connect with my research. .This lead to the sources being bias or selection, which the differences between the two is bias is mainly addresses internal validity for differences, and similarities are found in the sample of the sources .This had taught me facing the historian takes. lot of time, and. lot if thinking. What makes. source reliable is that it can provide sources that readers can verify. Cases like this makes my research easier and understandable for me deeper into the research. This include dates, shows how much reliable the source may be, and for the reader to think if the source is trustworthy. It is important to know where the information is coming from who, because what makes it reliable is the source evaluated by the author, date, sources, domain, writing style, and site design.

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