The Accomplishments of Susan B. Anthony

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The world as we know it wasn’t always so full of benefits and opportunities. Of course, excluding the issues and dilemmas. Do you ever stop and think about how society and the world got to what it is today? Particularly with the change and development of women’s rights? One thing is certain. If it wasn’t for one of the greatest contributors who devoted themselves to the cause of bettering the lives of women, we wouldn’t be living in the same society we are living in now. Susan B. Anthony changed the entirety of women’s roles, from jobs and images/depictions to political involvement. That’s why I admire all she’s done to shift the immense gender inequality of our country. Her efforts made one of the greatest impacts, if not the greatest, for the rights of women and what they’re allowed to do.

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“The Accomplishments of Susan B. Anthony”

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Susan B. Anthony’s admirable role in women’s activism was foreshadowed by her early life. She learned to read and write at the age of three, went to a school, and then onto being a teacher at a female academy (The Editors of Encyclopedia Britannica). Very rarely did women go to school in the 1800s, so it was in some way a sign of what she would go on to do in the future. Soon after moving to New York, she began the women’s suffrage movement. Despite being reprimanded and slandered by newspapers, she continued with her direction into women’s rights advocacy, helping and influencing many along the way. From there on she went to achieve the milestones that I praise and appreciate her for.

One of the greatest things that Anthony achieved was gaining the right to vote for all women. This action changed the role of women in politics immensely because they could finally voice their opinions in the presidential elections as well as any other election for that matter. She did this by first drafting the 19th Amendment in 1878 (5 Important Facts About Susan B. Anthony). Then, fourteen years after her death when the Amendment was ratified, women were granted the right to vote. She fought hard for this right considering she even got arrested for illegally voting. Anthony even denied paying the charges. I think it’s something she should be applauded for because if she had never been brave enough to stand up for what she believed was right, women may have never gotten the privilege to vote.

Susan B. Anthony didn’t just fight for women to have the right to vote. She also fought for their right to own property. She campaigned for women’s property rights in 1853 (National Susan B. Anthony Museum & House). Anthony did everything, including gathering petition signatures, speaking at meetings, and influencing the state legislature (National Susan B. Anthony Museum & House). Her efforts made a huge difference because, in 1860, a law was passed allowing married women to not only own property but also have custody of their children and keep their earnings. It’s a given that this was a massive milestone for the development of society and gender equality. Not everyone would go to great lengths for the improvement of women in society.

Susan B. Anthony made major changes to our society for the better by achieving more freedom and rights for women. She changed some of the patriarchal aspects of our country by putting the law that allows women to vote into motion. Susan B. Anthony also allowed for women who were married to own property. Our society would be very different from what it is today if it wasn’t for her efforts. Altogether, I believe Susan B. Anthony is admirable for her strong determination in attaining gender equality among everyone and had a positive and drastic impact on the world.

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