The Answer to Texting and Reckless Driving

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“Smh.” Those were his last words. A simple, three-lettered word types so quickly with a blink of the eye, and suddenly his car skids and he’s gone. Last words were last words; meaningful, thoughtful, a group of letters combined one last time. Only in this case his was something so careless and easy that it was a wonder how it was the same cause for his death. This story may sound like a joke, but in reality texting and driving is the lead role in car accidents. As more and more drivers become distracted by their phones, the death toll only continues to rise higher and higher. However, there are multiple solutions to stall these quickly increasing numbers.

One means to solve this issue by is increasing the fines/punishments to a much higher degree for all drivers. While many states may prohibit use of phones for teenagers or learning drivers, “No state bans all cell phone use for all drivers,” which then explains that since there’s nothing to stop these adults that also use their phones while texting, they must be stopped as well (NCSL). Thus by doing this, since most people also cannot afford to lose hundreds of dollars over a simple mistake, they will also be intimidated by the possible punishment so that they won’t ever take the chance to text while driving again, and that goes for all drivers.

Another benefit is that numerous of states don’t have laws that go against older drivers even though they most likely use it more often because of the fact that they work and are far more likely involved in other things. Meaning that if a law is made entailing all 50 states that all drivers, old and young, it could significantly reduce the crash rates all over the U.S. Moreover, this can also make these distracted drivers realize that there is now a law to enforce against them. This solution also has the most potential because of the fact that it is permanent, and will be a must for all drivers to follow. Hence, increasing the fine/punishment to a much higher degree to all drivers can prove its benefits true, and is one possible solution to prevent drivers from texting and driving.

Another method to minimize the use of phones while people are driving is to have installed apps that disable notifications whenever they start to drive. This can help make it certain that drivers won’t text or even use their phones at all while driving. These apps can also be an undemanding solution because drivers won’t need to pay a fine if they do text, and apps can easily stop that situation from happening. Apps, as mentioned, are also already created and developed so that as another con, anyone can use this at any time.

Lastly, this solution can also be effective because this would directly stop the cause of the source that has drivers becoming distracted. Unlike many of the other provided solutions, this can easily stop the temptation and urges to suddenly start using their phones while driving, and in return, stop the result of car crashes. Therefore, using apps that disable notifications would also be another well method to stop distracted drivers from using their phones.

However, these solutions may not only have the good benefits when it comes to distracted driving. For instance, people may still not care about the fine or the punishment given when it comes to texting and driving. They may believe that they can still afford the fine, or that the punishment isn’t bad enough, and still continue to text while driving just because the laws aren’t enough to stop them. As well as in response to the app solution, drivers may still refuse to install the app, or just simply forget to activate it when starting their drive.

Another subject worth mentioning is the possibility of the app malfunctioning, which then in turn, the app would not do its needed function and simply defeat its own purpose. However, these issues can be easily dismissed because if the degrees of the penalty is raised just high enough, people will have to follow through the law no matter what in order to avoid the sentence. These apps can also be updated and adjusted so that it will work no matter what, and turn on whenever it registers the car moving. In conclusion, these solutions may have its pros and cons, but it can also be easily adjusted so that no matter what, the solutions do its intended purpose.

All in all, there are always a number of solutions to prevent the tremendous amount of car accidents caused by texting and driving. For instance, there can be laws and punishments enforced to cease reckless driving action so that whenever someone gets distracted, they will have to pay a high fine and as a result, will most likely not text and drive again. Another solution mentioned was to have apps installed that disable the notifications, so that all temptations coming from devices will halt. Therefore, texting a friend might be something an individual think that wouldn’t have an issue result from, but realistically? One single text, and that same text could be one’s last words. Install an app, sign a petition to enforce a law, remind others whenever they’re using their phones, but what it really comes down to - don’t text and drive. 

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