Positive and Negative Effects in Using Technology

While there is no denying the fact that technology has changed the modern life for better, at the same time few negative impacts are also well observed such as increased dependence has increased the usage of computers and smartphones that effect our eyesight and brain. To negate these effects strict measures must be observed such as limiting the use of electronic gadgets at night. People should fix their timings of sleeping to ensure they get required time of sleep.Do not wait for someone to tell you about your bad habits and health. Start keeping a regular schedule for sleeping and getting up. Do regular exercises. Exercise is very important in one’s life.

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“Positive and Negative Effects in Using Technology”

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Prolong use of smartphones put a very bad effect on your muscles and it gets very essential to do exercise everyday to maintain their health. Using smartphones makes us very restless because we want every news before any other one and there’s no harm in getting ahead of other world but when it comes to health nothing is more important and it is our responsibility to limit our usage.Social media has become a most popular platform for teenagers to make use of their time and their has been lots of problems rising over internet for instance cyber-bullying is a common problem to teenagers and they should be informed to take appropriate measures against it like inform their elders and block the bully to not take any further threats from him.

Since I have been using technology since my childhood so I have now experienced its both positive and negative effects. I think that technology like computers have extended human abilities. Computers have eased our common problems . I have learnt a lot from making this report that how technology is helping the whole world in various fields like assisting in business for instance business owners can now get to their clients more efficiently and they can even look upon their workers through tracking their computers since now almost all the work is done or saved on computers and it makes it very easier for them. I also learnt that technology has made a breakthrough in finance as banks are fully based on computers where they store their user’s data and keep it safe and it has became very easy for common people to make transaction due to ATM’s and lots of branches connected with a single database.

I also learnt that technology is not good as it looks it does have a lot of bad consequences on us for example the most common effect of technology on us is the stress it can be from cyber bullying or prolong use of smartphones moreover I also learnt that its consequences mostly depend on how it is used by its respective user. If a person wont use his smartphone he will surely not harm his eyes from the dangerous rays of light moreover he will have a good sleep therefor it is clear that if a technology is used only for our good then it is no harm to us and if it gets in wrong hands or there is no one to look upon then it is definite that the user would be met with consequences. Above all in my opinion technology is is meant to help people around the world their everyday life but human have misuse it which has build a bad reputation of technology to us.

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