How does Infertility Affect a Marriage and Family?

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The infertility rate in the modern world is something that has proven to be a challenge in relationships. Marriages incurring infertility becomes a challenge for both parties, and causes pressures from each individual possibly leading to marital strains and possibly divorce. However, the instance of being infertile can be caused naturally, and such situations need a cautious approach. The ability of a human being to give birth is based on the companionship between partners; hence, if the instance of infertility is observed, then the partners have to come to an agreement of curbing the situation. Through such decisions, a psychological concept of what the other partner thinks of the situation is vital. Infertility might result in emotional stress and lead to a breakdown in the marriage. The following paper will depict how the situation affects marriages and family, and how infertility is dealt with in such instances.

Aspects of infertility

Infertility has been a case that is handled on a psychological concept, with ideologies of mental therapy. The situation is a case that entails a socially scientific substructure since it affects the interrelations of human beings (Greil, 2010). An individual facing infertility needs to be counseled, in order for oneself to avoid psychological torture that is generated by the instance. The stress of persevering infertility could result in ones loss of ones ability to emotionally handle, for an individual will lack self-confidence in social situations. For instance, when one is going through courtship, one partner might feel the disability of not giving birth as a burden in the relationship, and this pressure can force the individual to hesitate to enter into a relationship, making oneself have emotional withdrawal thoughts with the sense of ‘being insecure’ or not being able to start a family. Therefore, one is advised to attend counseling or therapy, in order to redeem oneself and sustain internal confidence when faced with such situation. However, some individuals might fail to bear with the partner, and this forces one to walk away from the marriage and even the family.

A large number of women are identified to be affected by infertility. Life becomes unbearable for such individuals, and thoughts, like being less valued or feeling useless in the society, are generated. Men might fail to commit to women they have been with when they find out they are unable to conceive. As a result the relationship ends and the woman will fall into an emotional spiral. As a result of the end of their relationship, they turn to other means of support, like drugs or prostitution. This can cause long term effects for the woman as they can develop other illnesses that can in turn cause death. This is why it is so important to reach out for counseling to avoid the feeling of being alone.

Causes of Infertility

Women undergo infertility more than the male species. In a survey of 250 people, the vast number of individuals with infertility was identified to be women (Steuber, 2011). Medical research revealed that some individuals undergo infertility due to anxiety in their relationships. For instance, a lady postpones getting pregnant in her early 20s due to career demands and studies. When she gets old, ovulation stops in her body, this in turn causes infertility. The older the woman gets, the pressure of having a baby comes, and she fails to get pregnant, forcing her partner to leave or possible divorce. Delaying birth causes a major impact on an individual’s sexual life, and such instances might have severe consequences. Abortion is also a major cause of infertility amongst women. Pregnancy requires mental preparation, asides from the financial stability. Many young women indulge in what is considered unethical sexual practices, which in turn forces them to abort a pregnancy when it is unseen. With the modern society living up to certain status and influences of cultural practices, such practices are seen as normal and praised often by the world influencers. A woman having an unplanned pregnancy is forced with social persuasions of terminating the pregnancy, which could cause future consequences on an individual. Some woman that had a previous abortion fail to get pregnant in their future life as a result. The result leads to unstable marriages and family relations, and an individual might feel less deprived.

Dealing with infertility in marriages and family

Marriage is a practice that entails mutual compassion between two couples. This means that one partner is there for another, in terms of emotional breakdown or financial stress. The act also entails family, in that both partners agree on raising children by setting a platform. However, when one partner is faced with infertility, both of the individuals must come up with solutions on how to treat infertility or other means of raising a family. Without the support of one or the other, the stress falls on the one individual. In this scenario, suggestions like adoption or artificial insemination are given consideration, depending on the partner’s agreement with such procedure. Infertility can cause emotional instability amongst a person, and it is important that both partners attend a counseling therapy in order to understand what the procedure entails and that they are emotional prepared for whatever happens, should the procedure take or if it fails. Not only is it important to understand the emotional part of the procedure but the financial aspect as well. The pain generated in infertility requires emotional resilience, through medical means. Married couples with infertility are advised to undertake the medical programs for marriage counseling, whereby cognitive mental therapies are conducted (Cunha, 2016). Such programs advice the couples on how to deal with the situation, by mentally preparing themselves, emotional support through openness and effective communication in their marriage.

A partner faced with infertility in their marriage might feel the urge of leaving the other, with the aim of seeking refuge from another person. If a couple have already established a blended family, children might be faced with emotional insecurities of seeing one parent abandoning them, without a clear comprehension of what is really going on. Certain programs are established to help married couples faced with infertility, and how to find other opportunities for becoming a parent. Adoption programs are established, whereby individuals can go thru the process of adopting, and be given a chance to start a family (Cunha, 2016). Adoption may take many years and can be financially exhausting. In addition to that, individuals with infertility are exposed to medical programs that ascertain surgery, in order to allow one to carry a child. If it is the man that has fertility problems, there is the option of artificial insemination. Medical practitioners conduct seminars that enlighten individuals on ways to tackle infertility, and medicines to take. Such practices give hope to married couples, for a second chance of getting to being normal, and overcome social depressions. And become parents.


Based on the above analysis, one can tell that infertility is a major situation that causes marriage and family breakups. While some issues can be addressed without an extensive procedure, others can take years to overcome. It is very important that both parties agree that they want to have children and no matter what they will support each other during any treatments. Infertility can be overcome and sometimes it cannot be. It is a very emotional time for someone who is infertile and therefore it can become a emotional roller coaster for them and it is very important that they are supported. Because of the emotional and financial burden, it can cause marital issues and even divorce.

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