Nuclear Family and an Extended Family

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In Vietnam, we have only two types of families: a nuclear family and an extended family. The extended family was a popular model 50 years ago, and it is the standard model for traditional family in Vietnam. The extended family is a family with more than two generations living under the same roof. In modern society, the nuclear family is the most common type of family. The nuclear family is a family of two generations: parents, and their children, who have not built their own families.

Family love is like the glittering lights of life. That spark will warm the soul of each person. I am so happy to have a full family which is full of laughter and love. My family has four people: my father, my mother, my older sister and myself. Each one gives me a particular emotion. For me, my father is very strict and quiet, so he is a person that I am most afraid of in the house, not because of his personality that I also know his worried and concern for me. He is like a mighty mountain, protecting me every time I stumble and help me stand up after the fall. Moreover, my mother gives me motherhood that I cannot describe it. Mother is worried about my sleep, my eating and drinking when I am a baby. I grow up in the warm arms of my mother, the lyrics, sweet lullaby that she sings for me when I sleep. It looks like, in my life, I could not lack the image of a mother, I love and respect my mother no less than my father. However, the one I love the most is my sister. She is a strong, kind and caring person. My sister always takes cares me, but her concern makes me uncomfortable. I never listen to my sister so she and I as water with fire, but we are very loving, embracing each other.

In the past few years, we were an extended family of three generations living together. Grandma always says that my extended family is a monogamous family because my aunts and parents have only one spouse. In growing up the children and family economics, my parents are equal. They all contribute to raising us and helping each other in family finances; hence, my family is also an egalitarian family. My father works in a glass factory where he produced the bottles; he has been there since he was young. Every morning, my dad will take my sister and me to school, and we will eat breakfast with great breakfasts which are cooked by my mother. My mother runs her shop at our house. Her shop is considered a mini supermarket where has many groceries, food, vegetable, etc. She is an example of a beautiful and powerful woman because she can balance work and family. Mother is picking us up after school because my dad’s schedule is not stabled. Although my dad also cooks dinner for us when my mother is busy, I am only in love with my mother’s dish. I always follow my father to learn how to repair my home, repair the house or help my mother sale in the store. My mother teaches me many lessons to become a successful person, behave in my life and take responsibility for myself. My dad and mom always share with us the experience of living and always watching us on every path of life. Besides, one of my cousins is cohabitation because he and his wife are living together in six years without marriage. They study together from high school to university, and they do not want to get married to each other. It has a funny reason why they don't want to get married.

In modern society, lesbian and gay relationships are increasingly popular in the world. We demonstrate that a gay relationship is stable and they only have one spouse I have a cousin who is gay, and he had lived in misery all the time when he came out with his family. When he meets his husband, they have a long relationship. They have been dating each other for eight years and got married in January 2017. They only live with their loved ones and accept sacrificing everything for that person. My cousin moves to the United States to live with his husband, and they adopt a 4-year-old kid. A little boy is cute and mischievous. Finally, my cousin also has a nuclear family like other male-female couples.

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