Why do Students Cheat in Exam what is Cheating?

Why do students cheat in exam

What is cheating? Why do people cheat? Have you ever cheat during your life? We can define cheating as an illegal way to get something or to reach our goal. The common kind of cheating is academic cheating that occurs in schools and colleges like: cheating in exams, plagiarizing or copying homework and papers and it can have many different reasons.

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“Why do Students Cheat in Exam what is Cheating?”

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One of the main reasons of cheating in exams is being afraid of failure that forces students to cheat. Some students think if they fail the exam, they will have many problems such as their parent’s complaint about bad grades or their friends may laugh at them and they imagine their educational future get dark, so they will have stress when they cannot pass the exam as well as they hope and they decide to cheat.

The poor educational system is the next reason that causes students cheating. For instance: lack of satisfactory and beneficial classes and skillful teachers can have a highlight role in students cheating. Because if students learn the materials well in the class, it is more likely to pass the exam unless it would be unfair that is another reason of cheating. Furthermore in the educational system that the grade is more valuable than learning the possibility of cheating is higher because learners are in computation fore high grade not best learning and they might not perceive the relationship between learning and grades.

Over all, the reasons of cheating vary greatly, but the main point is that we should teach our children that cheating is wrong and malefic, whether in education or other areas of life and it is a kind of stealing to get something without trying to it and aware them about its consequences.

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