Educational Psychology and Learning Process


Psychology evolved from philosophy, science, medicine, and theology. Psychology evolved out of a combination of scientific disciplines and therefore the branch of philosophy referred to as a philosophy or the idea of data. In the beginning, psychology was a synthesis of physics, physiology, and mental philosophy. Egypt and the Egyptian mystery system are the roots of psychology. Understanding and measuring and the mind are the important part of early psychology. After that, psychology focused on measuring and understanding behavior. The business of the philosopher is to take action of observation interpretations of data. When the philosophers enlarged their data, they developed specialties of philosophy within the field. “Mental Philosophy” that was involved with psychological principles of psychology was housed underneath philosophy as. “Natural Philosophy” proscribed as the other specialties underneath philosophy were the areas of physics, chemistry and the natural sciences; and “Moral Philosophy” is the social sciences and ethical considerations which dealt with. Psychology failed to form a freelance discipline break away philosophy till the late nineteenth century. The search for knowledge was the early philosopher scientists – the desire to know. Psychology was interwoven in early sciences and philosophy.

Evolution of psychology

The history of psychology is using systematic modes for a development from a philosophical matter of life to a more scientific study. Wilhelm Wundt was founded the globe’s first psychological laboratory at the University of Leipzig in 1897. There’s been various definitions of psychology and epistemological philosophy of psychology from a pre-scientific to scientific era. Where researchers started to use experimentation and controlled observations to observe the human mind psychology. They started to obtain their own identity and separate from philosophical roots. The development of psychology as a science can be seen in various factors of human behaviors development manifesting into various schools of thoughts. Scientific study was happen in several psychological laboratories. During the times, that is the debate over to explain and describe the human behavior and human mind.

Educational psychology from various perspectives

Scientific investigate the mind in Educational (Cognitive) Psychology, its function as an information processor. Namely, cognitive psychology is interested in what is occurring within our minds that links input (stimulus) and output (response). It includes the study and observation of internal mental processes. The things that go on inside the brain, including language, perception, problem-solving, thinking, memory, attention, and learning.

Educational psychology entails the study of how the human brain learns and retains new knowledge. Neurons also arrange themselves according to functions. Control of breathing and heart rate are the most developed at birth. With exposure to experiences and learning, higher functions such as thinking and reasoning begin to develop as more interconnections develop. Exposure to more opportunities to learn allows the brain more opportunities to grow. A child without these opportunities will not have as much brain development as their peer would. The brain can also show rapid and unusual growth with increased exposure to learning, which also develops higher cognitive skills.

Learning is an important and necessary process in life. In order to optimize a person’s learning experience, he or she needs to have a good memory. It is even more prominent when looking at students because they have to try to remember as much information as possible to prepare for examinations. Looking at this through the perspective of educational psychology, there are many methods for retaining learned information in the memory. However, not all the techniques are as effective, so the effectiveness and limitations them should be taken into consideration in order to choose the suitable ones.

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