Why Social Media is Bad?

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Social media is not always bad because their was this one specific day when I was scrolling through Instagram a girl requested to follow me and thyself accepted it and learned to find out she was in a bad place mentally and got to help her out oft hat state of mind and might have saved her life and now we are close friends and now we help each other out. This media stuff does something that makes so many people happy use and enjoy but people saying it's bad for them and wanting to get taken away is beyond crazy because of what great effects it gives us. According to Christof Baron “ Right now it is so popular it has over 2 billion people using it. Mostly every teenage kid has some type of social media and it even increasing to little kids getting the apps. As the years go the charts are rocketing with how much people are on it. Just in 2019, it was known that 79% of the U.S population has a social networking profile and that has a 2% increase since the previous year.”

Media makes making friends so much easier because you get over that awkwardness you’d get talking face to face and getting to know each other before you meet up with them. Social media just is not bad because some people can just use social media to grow and promote what they love, or use it for a support system, and also us use to feel connected to the world when they cant go somewhere

Social media can be good because some kids/adults can rely on it when they need support from someone or something that won't judge them. Like most people have said ”Spreading awareness and motivating people is important too. And simply ensuring people that they are not alone – or the only ones with their set of problems – can be really important for some.Caroline Knorr said , “It overall provides genuine support to others. This sort up ties with wanting online acceptance like whether a kid like a certain thing that is considered weird tries to find someone who likes the same thing.

Social media also has such a positive effect on certain kids and people because they use social media to show off their talents so they can grow and be better .”The article Five ways social media can be good for teens states, Caroline Knorr says “it affects the way entire organizations run and grow like It has become the primary means of getting the word out about your business”. It's also used to lift their confidence a little because when they show off their talent off they are saying they know people are watching but they don't care. It's giving them more power knowing they are the ones having courage putting it out there. Technology nowadays can just allow kids to share their work with a wider audience. They can even have an opportunity to collaborate with other people and just grow.

Social media can be good because when people can go somewhere because of any reason they go on social media to see what is happening. It makes them feel included to know what is happening so they try to be connected to the outside world. In the article “Reasons why social media is good for teens said,said by Caroline Knorr that '' It is an effortless way to connect with like-minded people like you are just a single click away from an incredible number of such people. Regardless of location and religion, social networks help revive and preserve relationships with other people. It lets people know what is happening outside their door or wherever they are. It's good that social media lets people know what is going on because if no one knows what's going on around them it makes them feel useless. So this gives them a chance to not feel left out all the time.

So all in all, Social media is not bad all nad. Especially for kids who need help-seeking for support . Also, how is it bad when you can try and grow your business on it even if you want to get to know and show off your talent. Social media is also considered a place you go to see what is happening in the outside world when your not with your friend it just lets you stay connected. People can't automatically say social media is bad because it has so many myriad things it brings to our lives. So no one can say it bad if they know people depend on it for good reasons like jobs and communication. You just can't say it badly without thinking of how other people see social media. Everyone who likes social media has a different perspective on it. 

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