Social Media Strategy

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A social media strategy is of great essence in this era of information if one wants to market or sell contents of their website. However, creating the strategy might sound easy but contrary to the perspective towards building it, it is a technical job which might be posed by several logistical challenges. While developing such a strategy, proper goals to address all the themes required should be crafted. More importantly, these goals should meet the following criteria’s; brand awareness, traffic, signups and traffic involved. While developing the strategy it is also important to make sure that the goals of the social media strategy coincide with the general goals of the website. This is because failure to make a strategy that tends to head to the same directions may hinder the overall goals that one wants to achieve. It is also important to consider on how the social media strategy can impact on the overall goals of the whole website or business. At this point, one should be picturing out on how the social media strategy can best assist the business. In our case, our website does not have straight forward goals that can be included, so we can essentially connect our goals with the message that our website is communicating about. Our website is mainly aimed at explaining Qatar in deeper details to the rest of the world, therefore, we should reach out to many people as much as possible by creating more traffic and clicks from the social media platform in order to invite more new visitors who might be interested in the outlined topics. Leads should be generated in order to direct viewers to the website while maximizing on the revenues generated through sales, signups and from online ads. At this point one should have come up with a strategy answers to people’s comments. This comments should be replied politely using an elaborate business language. Another important step is building a business social community around the social media platform. This may involve building Facebook or Twitter groups talking about the specific website. Watsup groups are also very instrumental in building a community of social media users who can be reached out quickly and in real time. After achieving some level of consistency in the website as well as in the company’s social media platforms, then a decision of how often new postings will be distributed in the social media platform should be made. When choosing the frequency it is important to consider factors like resources available, updates quality and the demographic factors of the people to reach. If people respond positively to new postings then the postings should be made frequently to keep them posted always. This postings should be determined by the number of positive recipients in the social media platforms. For example if Facebook has many active fans than Twitter it should be posted at least more times than twitter even if twitter has many followers than twitter. The last step in the strategy is analyzing and testing performance of the platform using social media analytics tools. The analytic tools can be able to show how a post performed in all areas including the replies it received, retweets, dislikes, shares and comments. Checking on the performance is important because it provides for the room of making necessary changes to make the platforms robust. Another feature to consider is to create a system that can be followed up and frequently updated to engage well with the community. This can be easily achieved by automating the social media platforms. Automation is important because one can set a certain frequency of posting overtime using tools like buffers. Using the above mentioned strategy, it is possible to acquire all requirements that one wants to achieve in website advertisements, while making some income out of the social media sites through the various outlined ways.

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