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Role models play a huge role in a young persons life. They serve as an example in society for children and young people to follow. A role model has the ability to shape their views, beliefs, and passions. Kids will use this influence to form how they will behave and act in the future. A hero who demonstrates good qualities will have a positive effect on the future generations where a bad role model can have a disastrous effect. Children look up to these heroes and role models. They want to be these people. I believe that people have forgotten how important it is to be a role model and why you should always have good morals because you have no idea who looks up to you.Are heroes good role models? That all really depends on the definition of a hero. Merriam Webster Online Dictionary defines a hero as a person admired for achievements and noble qualities. Does this mean anyone can be a hero as long as they are admired or do they have to be admired by a society to earn the title of hero? Some people only think of superheroes when they hear the term. Some people picture a firefighter or a police officer. Others will think of a loved one who means the world to them. It all really depends on what makes a hero to a certain individual as long as the hero has good qualities. Heroes and role models arent always a good influence on younger generations. A role model is essentially a teacher of how to act and behave.

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If someone looks up to a thief then they will grow up to believe that stealing is okay. A kid might idolize an athlete who doesnt have a good temperament and is always getting into fights. The kid will then grow up thinking that fighting and having a bad attitude is fine because their role model is always doing it. Role models dont always have a positive impact on society. There are so many role models of the past and present it is difficult to pick which ones are beneficial to really look into. I have my personal opinion on who should be a hero or a role model. I think a role model should always be positive and confident. They should always be looking to make a good impact on younger people and society. Im not sure if being a hero and a role model are the same thing. I feel that heroes can be role models but not the other way around. I only believe this because to me a hero is someone who makes a sacrifice for someone else. It takes a lot to make a sacrifice so my standards for being a hero are pretty high. There are quite a few people from the past and the present that I would consider good role models.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was truly an inspirational role model. He deserves the title of hero for his constant determination, early maturity, and to use his well-known status for good. At the age of seventeen he was already out performing composers and musicians much older and far more experienced than him. This goes to show how mature he was at such a young age. Many seventeen-year olds are very immature and only want to goof off with friends. Mozart was also very dedicated to perfecting his talent. Long and painstaking hours were put into his music. Musicians during his lifetime were treated much like servants. They were put on stage to perform and then they would go to the kitchen to eat away from all of their adoring fans. Mozart broke this kind of behavior. It was either his progressive state of mind or his complete stubbornness but he would not bend to the will of the people. Mozart is a great role model for young people to show how to dedicate time and patience to truly become great.Another person who used to be considered a hero was Christopher Columbus. He is a great example of how perception of what a hero is changes over time. In the past he was seen as a courageous explorer. He was someone who risked everything to find new routes to make traveling safer.

Bravery was a huge characteristic that defined what a hero was. Over the past couple of decades his name has been a bit tarnished. He is no longer seen as a hero or role model. People now see him as the reason the natives lost their independence. He is viewed as someone who enslaves people. So, as you can people who were once heroes might not be seen the same way today.There are many great role models of the past but there are also the heroes of today. One great role model would have to be Jason Witten of the Dallas Cowboys. Not only is he already a legendary football player but a stand-up guy. He is actively involved in numerous non-profit organizations, which is already a huge contribution. Among his many donations his greatest endeavor would be the foundation he founded, Jason Wittens Score Foundation (JWSF). This founding exists to serve women who are victims of domestic violence and to help end the cycle. One of the programs, Coaching Boys into Men, trains high-school coaches to educate their players on the dangers of dating violence. On and off the field Witten is a great role model. He is dedicated to the game but he also uses his influence to help his community. Many kids should look up to this man and his amazing work. Some people may have a different view of what a role model should be like. Some people will dont believe that role models should play a big part in a kids life.

They think that children should learn their own morals and views on things and not be influenced by heroes. I somewhat agree with this as not all people should be heroes. Some celebrities who have a huge influence on todays culture dont have anything good or meaningful to offer. They just arent a good example for youth to follow. My personal hero has to be my grandpa. Many people would view his as an outstanding role model but for me he is all I strive to be. The way he treated my grandma and the love he showered her with is how I want to treat my fianc?©e. He was the hardest working man I knew. He built his own company from the ground up and succeeded. Not only did he succeed in business but he was always looking out for everyone else. He never once turned someone down who needed help. Being an avid cyclist, he was always fixing others bikes and giving them pointers. Never once did my grandpa ask for money for these services. I remember once I was working on my boat. I was having issues getting the wiring correct and couldnt figure it out. He came over without being asked and started helping. He showed me how to correctly wire the boat and trailer. I couldnt help but admire how calm and patient he was with me the entire time. If him helping me wasnt enough I also believed he save my life. December 28th of 2015 I was working on my truck. I had picked up the bad habit of smoking in the military.

I walked over to his house to ask for some tools and he of course got them for me. He also said I saw you smoking. You better knock that (explicit word) off. I have not smoked since that day and I owe that to him. My grandfather is gone now but he lives on through his positive influence he bestowed upon me and everyone who knew him.After all of this I would say that picking a role model isnt easy. You really have to be careful to make sure the person you pick has a positive impact on your life. Everyone looks up to someone whether it is a police officer, your parents, an older sibling, or someone else who impacts your life somehow. Not everyone should be considered a role model but everyone has their own opinions on who it should be. I for one believe that anyone can be a hero as long as the influence you for the better.

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