How Can Humans Prepare for a Future-Proof Career?

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Today’s present is tomorrows history. According to my research there is going to be immense competition in the future. And the sad part is that the population and problems of the world are increasing and jobs for humans are decreasing. Hence, it is going to very tough for the future generations to survive. Therefore, we are definitely going to have problems but moving ahead from that and getting success is going to be the main aim for us. Where, I think this is the thing that is going to motivate us immensely.

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“How Can Humans Prepare for a Future-Proof Career?”

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That means that jobs in the future will seem vastly one of a kind with the aid of the time students will definitely graduate university. The jobs of the future will absolutely be an extra amazing than those of the past. Good and bad old days of employees, co-workers and physical production, will let the machines handle that. Instead, future jobs may contain such information software and innovation. Machines are virtually doing us a favour. They are releasing humans up to explore as well as to test and find interesting solutions to the complicated problems, like environment pollution, garbage, insufficient-resources,utility-problem,etc.

Good part about this is that there won’t be a sudden drastic change in the world, it would slowly and gradually make a change which means that we would see how and where the trend is going on the graph. It will be very beneficial for humans to be guided. With present graph researchers that have noticed few important points.

Change will keep on happening. America and the rest of the world will experience social, cultural, economic, environmental, and technological changes. But many of them can’t be predicted. New challenges may occur without any warning. And ‘happy accidents’ may also lead to nice new discoveries which can come up long-standing problems.

So, predicting the perfect jobs for the future requires skills that all kinds of variables will certainly have involvement in complicated and many possible ways around us that we never saw. Many of tomorrow’s occupations and professions will probably result from modern scientific and advanced technology. But most future jobs don’t exist yet, and a lot of them haven’t even been imagined. In fact, in according to one of the estimates, almost two third of modern present day that have entered high school and colleges, these students will ultimately have occupations that don’t presently exist.

One of the important things to sustain and to build future-proof career is creativity. What robots can do is use the information and the data which humans give them. We feed the data in them and then with the help of algorithms and permutations and combination they do the task. Which directly means that they cannot use the consciousness which a human can. Hence, till now jobs which does not need creativity will be taken over by technology and robots. This graph trends towards humanoids. Where doing a particular task exactly as humans and with all the physical appearances as humans. So labour work or non-conscious work will be vanished. Hence, humans should build their creativity and imagination part of their brain to sustain in the competition. People have always been dependent on someone or somewhere such as education degrees, jobs, management etc. But to build yourself you cannot learn or depend upon these things because if a person spends thousand of dollars in education as well as spends time to learn something and if that occupation is vanished there will be no use of what that person has learnt. And also, job dependency has gone, people are getting fired every day because of technology. Therefore, if you really want to gain success in the future try be as creative as you can and find an occupation where there is self-dependency and not getting worried about businesses who has technology. Because in the future, sensitive work like clinical operations that needs extreme perfection and experience and quality be done via robots. Robot surgeries – performed with the aid of four-armed robots – are fast picking up speed in the medical world, with miniature surgical contraptions on three of these palms providing a most vary of motion and precision. The fourth even has an excessive definition 3D digicam that can guide the physician via the procedure, making sure that there is no danger of error. Not only this there are many software which can do jobs of lawyers, drivers, and many other occupations and professions.

Then it comes financial strength. As the resources are decreasing day by day and the cost of basic needs and resources are increasing exponentially. Hence, if you are not financially stable, their will be a huge problem. To avoid this an average human should try to use the present to collect as much possible and try to multiply it in the form of investments, so that it will secure the future. Planning about the future in present will help humans to sustain a lot. Talking about financial strength, the governments of most of the countries are becoming more and more powerful in terms of economy. Hence, they should create rules for technology, such as to what extent should technology be used and what will be the jobs where you have to humans and to what extent can use of technology be allowed in a certain company.

It is very important that if we want our fellow students all around the globe to be well-prepared for life, sustainability and success after college, we should definitely develop the ability to grasp and search opportunities, challenges and problems through multiple perspectives. It is this type of change that will have a driving force, innovation, and drive our economy forward.

Businesses should be operated and handled globally as well as with more culturally diverse – than in the past. And chances are that co-workers, clients and stakeholders should be working for a global market than a specific part in the world. The more experience you have to get of working with them, the more confident we will have. This will make you more dominant to employers of the future. Work hard to keep your technical skills current, even if new developments do not seem directly linked to your current job. Otherwise, you may need to catch up a huge amount before you can head off in a new direction in the future.

If that means having familiar with tech related languages, virtual whiteboards, operable technology, or AI, do it. And if you’re in a hardcore technical field or industry, you should be more proactive and stay current – even if your company does not. Revise and evolve your thinking according to time and your options for career progress and be alert about responding to a lack of opportunities, even if it means changing your occupation, or your career.

We may be fortunate enough to work for an organization where there can be a clear and attractive job path ahead of us but, for many of us, this will not be the case.

This may not be an issue if we are in a fast-growth industry, where opportunities appear frequently. But, if we are in a slow-growth or decaying industry, there may be no on ward professional path and your development may be blocked, however hard you work. This can lead to frustration, boredom and failure to achieve your potential, and you may choose to try an alternative path.

This definitely can also create a need for extreme skill levels, and not just when it comes to technology but also in industries like entertain, service etc.

We have already witnessed the fact that we have a college degree that doesn’t make you stand out anymore. After all, 33.4% of all Americans now have college degrees. While that figure may seem a bit low on its own, it’s the highest it’s ever been, and only continuing to grow. Since having a college degree or formal education may not be enough to get you ahead in your career, the trick is to never stop learning

Hence, to draw conclusion I would say that there are many problems which are going to be generated but not only that there will be many simplifications and cost cutting too. But because of that many human required jobs will get vanish. This will affect world economy, and sales of companies. Hence, to nullify this we should start thinking and follow the right path for ourselves which will make our career future-proof. And we should always be practical and keep a knowledge of how the future trend is going and what more I can learn and do so that I can be successful in a competitive populated world. 

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