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Bullying is no joke and continues to occur in our everyday lives. The article “Do anti-bullying laws work? New evidence on school safety and youth violence” states that 78% of adults believe that programs created to prevent bullying should a part of school curricula. Therefore, it is imperative for schools to implement an anti-bullying policy and is even a law within Florida. Anti-bullying policies are helping schools limit the risk of harassment among students, and provide an overall better environment within the school.


I. As stated by Rana Sampson in the article “Bullying in Schools”, bullying causes students to feel a as if they don’t have security in schools; this is one reason for why schools should continue to have an anti-bullying policy.

A. Bullying can cause many possible effects to the victim’s behavior.
1. After the few past school shootings, the issue of bullying has risen and has become controversial.
2. Rana Sampson also mentions how many school shooters were bullied themselves, and how them being bullied actually had a major impact for them shooting up the school.

B. The most effective way to prevent or decrease the risk of bullying is to have the members of the school who have high power actually put in the effort and commitment to making a policy that will keep bullies from harassing others.

C. Many students that are being bullied also feel as if they can’t tell an adult, so by having an effective anti-bullying policy, students can feel more comfortable with telling an adult that they’re are being bullied, rather than dealing with the harassment that can eventually create long-lasting effects on their behavior.

II. We know there are many consequences that are possible to occur in someone that is being bullied, but how bad is it really?

A. Students that have been bullied are said to feel embarrassment from the fact that it is public.
B. It goes beyond just embarrassment; victims sometimes become distressed and often times will miss classes or feel that they cannot complete their homework
C. In the article “The Role of School Context in Implementing Statewide Anti-Bullying Policy and Protecting Students”, authors William Hall and Mimi Chapman say that a student that is being bullied falls into the possibility of having mental health problems, such as depression and/or anxiety.
D. The website stopbullying.gov was created to help individuals understand what bullying is, and gives information on how one can prevent it from happening.

1. Stopbullying.org also lists many signs for parents to be aware of, in regard to determining whether or not their child is being bullied or is even a bully to others.
2. Barbara Coloroso states in her article “Bully, Bullied, Bystander, and Beyond” that parents and educators must make the environment safe for students to be able to recognize bullying and respond in a way that is effective and reported.

III. There are many ways to have an effective policy that will make a student feel protected and influence the behavior of all students on school ground.

A. Having a strong anti-bullying policy can help reduce the risk of bullying only when having an effective procedure for dealing with the bully, as well as supporting the one that would bullied, and even making bystanders know they were accountable.
B. It is highly important for anti-bullying policies to be effective and supportive amongst many people because as the article “Improving Anti-Bullying Laws” states, the outcome of students that are bullied can depends on the strength of these policies.
C. Having an effective and easy reporting system is a great part to anti-bullying policy and allows students to report incidents in ways that are anonymous and easy so that they feel more comfortable.

IV. Anti-bullying policies force students as well as faculty members to act a specific way when on school ground.

A. This policy restricts bullies from acting out and gives insight on what disciplinary actions will occur if they do.
B. The anti-bullying policy helps students to feel safer, as well as provide students with the resources to report bullying.
C. Having a policy also helps teachers know how to handle a situation when a student is being bullied and the correct course for action.

V. Anti-bullying policies are not only created by faculty or other members of high power, they’re also created by the students.

A. It is also very important for students to be involved with policymaking because they see more than we do and can offer many influential ways to make school life better.
B. Joining or creating a school group that speaks with members of the school with high power is one great way to be a part of something that impacts every student within one’s school.
C. This policy is changing every school year to become better, all through the help of students and faculty that are trying to make a change and protect the students of the school.


So, in the end, it is incredibly important to implement an effective and influential anti-bullying policy to prevent the risk of bullying. By doing this, it helps to lower the chance of mental health issues amongst students that are bullied. There are also many resources to help you determine whether or not someone is being bullied and offers advice for preventing it from occurring. I strongly encourage you all to continue and support this policy and watch out for bullies, reporting an incident just may stop one’s harassment entirely. 

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