Social Networking: Good or Bad?

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In my opinion, I believe that social networking is both good and bad for our society. It’s good for our society because it’s a great way for people meet and interact. It’s also a great way to promote business and artwork. Any business whether it is large or small now have the opportunity. They are able to promote their business without having to pay for adds. There was a time when only big known companies were able to spread their business because they had the money to purchase ads.

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“Social Networking: Good or Bad?”

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Now any company can get their message out. Social media can also be beneficial for educational purposes. People can learn to do almost anything just by searching up videos or looking for websites to help you in whatever you need help with. For example, grammarly helps not only students but someone that may be learning english. It corrects your spelling and grammar. It’s changed the way society learns. Social network sites give people the chance to make friends without being judged because of the way they may look, ethnicity, or mental illness/disability. Social networking is all about control and balance. We as a society must find the balance between obsessing over social media and using it as a tool to expand business and knowledge. There are also some negative effects regarding social networking. Social networking isn’t so great to our society because social media is linked to isolation and can be very toxic Unfortunately, it may also be the cause of social anxiety and other mental illness in new generations because they seem to be more comfortable interacting over the phone rather in person.

Con 14 mentions that in fact social media leads people to isolation. When a teenager checks their twitter, instagram, or facebook and sees that they’re friends are doing something without them; it can evoke feelings of being left out. I could use myself as an example. I’ve suffered from depression for several years now and when I was in high school I would see my friends out having fun. It made me feel left out and led me to isolate myself from family and friends. I would see things on twitter and instagram that would trigger me.

Now, I know better but there are so many kids that have committed suicide due to cyberbullying. Unfortunately, social media has also increased the spread of fake news. Information is now available to everybody who wants to get it just by logging onto social media. Our society gets most of their information through internet resources.. Technology nowadays can make it seem as if anyone has said or done anything. People may not know how to distinguish the difference between fake news. This leads then to them believing anything they read or see online. Fake news is dangerous because its spreads fake information. We need to be aware of the negative effects social network leads this society to.

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