Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Networking

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The internet today carries a large amount of data and services, the most important of which are social networking sites, which are defined as a set of Internet applications that allow the creation and exchange of the content that is created by it. The upcoming generations still touts the importance of face-to-face interaction, phone calls, and even the lost art of letter writing for human contact. This problem threatens all ages of groups and not only the upcoming generations. Communication is defined as the ability to share information with others through talking, writing, body movements, or using other signals. The art of communicating with others requires an effective skill from the individual, and this skill varies from person to person. The use of technology has many effects on society in all its members and categories. Telephone calls and text messages have been the place of actual communication, which has led to a radical change in the concept of family cohesion and cohesion based on help and assistance.

Most of the people probably have a smartphone, accounts on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, and a lot of people probably found themselves more than one occasion ignoring a friend or a member of their family sitting with them in the same room because they are completely immersed in their own social technology world. There is a lot of both advantages and disadvantages of these communication applications or even websites. The advantages of social networking sites that they are used as the fastest way to get information and news. Social media contributed to the revolutions, where people used to hold meetings, organize demonstrations, and protest. Social networking sites are also used for assisting in voluntary and charity work. Social networking sites have allowed the practice of democracy. It has also provided opportunities to share information among all network subscribers with the possibilities of interacting with social sites at the end of each article. It also allows recipients to make their own radio or television programs and follow them for the program compiler. Social media are used to form friendships and to document memories.

The disadvantages of social networking sites that it views pornographic sites, sexual behaviors, and immoral scenes. Children have been exposed to tobacco and alcohol images. Spread rumors, lies, subversive ideas, forgery and impersonation of characters. The absence of reliable sources, the violation of private and public rights, especially intellectual rights. The weakness of human relations and the lack of interaction face to face, which leads to isolation from reality, and the sites of communication helped break up the family and raise marital problems. The use of social networking sites leads to waste of time, and excessive use leads to Internet addiction and reduces the skills of inductance. Social networking lead all these kids to leave in a dream that is fake and isolate them in a fake world and gets them away from reality. Reality in general that they are living with their parents not some weird games on any applications, going to school and not shadowing on computer or even a lot of other things that is spread all over these social networking applications and websites. The use of social means is associated with personality and brain disorders. Students who use social media tend to score less. Social media can increase children's risk of anxiety and depression, low self-esteem, eating disorders, and even suicide. Criminals can use social media to commit and promote crimes.

Social networks consume a lot of time. The use of such sites leads to a violation of the privacy of the individual. All people need to unify themselves. This isolation is a prerequisite for dialogue with oneself. Being able to stay with yourself and discover it is an important element of growth. But what is happening now is that young children starting in two or three or four years have the means of technology that they disdain and deny themselves. It is ironic that this makes it harder for them to establish true human relationships. Everyone needs to take this step seriously before it damages more in everyone's life and not only the upcoming generations. Habits of communicating through social network need to get cut and be replaced with something physically or even creating conversations face to face as it used to be a long time ago before technology grow into what we have it upgraded to these days. To solve this problem, the solution would be by developing some form of general practice. People need to have something like holy places where there is no online communication, such as a family dinner table, and a car and make these places to talk, because discussions are the antidote to that problem. If people started talking to their children, family, or circle of acquaintances and friends constantly, these negative effects will not arise, and people will start having more face to face interactions and better human contact in general.

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