Social Networking: Financial Transactions Online

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The Risks When Using Electronic Communication Devices

Lack of privacy and security, spam, forged or altered email messages, identity of sender can be disguised or difficult to be traced, messages forwarded without permission, careless posting of personal information can be misused or converted, visits to websites deemed inappropriate.

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“Social Networking: Financial Transactions Online”

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How to reduce the risks when using electronic communication devices

Carry out risk assessments for people I support. Develop a social media policy, eg: supporting people to use social media. Check a company’s privacy policy before buying online. Think about your photographs before sharing and think about information before sharing. Report identity theft, keep accounts secure and choose a great password.

The Risks When Using the Internet

Being bullied by peers, sexual grooming, misuse of money, posting personal information on line, exposure to inappropriate content, involvement in making or distributing illegal/inappropriate content, exposure to encouragers of self-harm or racist and hate material.

The risks when using social networking sites

Cyberbullying, invasion of privacy, identity theft, seeing offensive images and messages and the presence of strangers being able to groom people. You could also lose control over a video or photograph that has been shared and unwanted contact by predators and strangers.

The Risks When Carrying Out Financial Transactions Online

Protect devices with up to date security on laptops, smartphones and tablets. Download web browser and operating system updates when prompted. Create separate strong passwords for each account you have using capital letters symbols. Use a credit card rather than a debit card, so money is not coming straight from your own account, be on the look out for Phishing and don’t answer requests to provide details of your banking details or passwords.

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