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Social media networking is any website that allows social interaction no matter your race, ethnic or religion. Social media is being used by people worldwide and has grown massively in the last few years. From 2006 on-wards, the growth rate is surprisingly very high. Although social media can be addictive, the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. Social media updates you on the latest happenings around the world like social events, news, sports, dating, employment, etc. Because it is so easy to access people are taking advantage and is utilizing the power of social media for its benefits. More adults and teens are joining sites such as Snapchat, WhatsApp, WeChat, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to interact with their peers, family, colleagues, and strangers. Social media has changed the world and society in several different ways such as connectivity, help, and education. Social media has provided the opportunity for people to share their point of view and ideas across the world without leaving their home. The essence of social media is that you can educate yourself and always be knowledgeable at any given time.

However, on the other hand it has also affected society in a negative way. Some people become addicted to social media because they want to belong and may be suffering in many aspects of their life such as depression, anxiety, loneliness, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and addiction. Some people are addicted to the media just like alcohol and drugs they have to have it. Social media can cause a great ordeal on someone's life and have an effect in several ways such as checking social media sites while driving, checking the media while working, cooking or on a date, or being on social media instead of spending time with kids or loved ones.. Social media has discouraged people from engaging in face-to-face conversations and shortens user's attention spans. Social media encourages self-promotion and self-centeredness, and stunt's people's desire to engage in sober debate and reflection. (""Social Media: Does social media have a positive impact on the world?"")Social media can be very time consuming and disrupt your ability to focus on daily tasks.

Most parents are surprised to learn that their child has social media accounts and shows concerns by monitoring their activity and limiting their internet use. However, kids have access to the internet all around them such as cell phones, at school, and the library, making it hard for parents to keep a track of their kid's activity on these social media sites. Teenagers are at a greater risk to develop an addiction to social media. Many parents worry about the exposure of social media and the impact it has on children. Teenagers are masters at keeping themselves occupied. When they are not doing homework, playing sports, they are online and on their phones, texting, sharing, trolling, scrolling, you name it. In the United States, about half of kids have some form of social media by the age of 12. (""Prosecuting Cyberbullies: Should states and the federal government pass further antibullying legislation to target cyberbullying?"") Some social media sites recommend that users must be 18 years or older. Nevertheless, some kids bypass that rule by creating fake accounts or using a fake age. Some kids are using the social media sites to cyberbully their peers. Social media has made it fairly simple for one to bully their peers, start rumors, and send threats and intimidating messages online; in turn, causing a mass disturbance. Social media apps have become crucial elements of life for many people, especially teenagers, and have led to various phenomena, such as posting of ""selfies""-a photo of one online. In addition, they are using the sites to promote self-image and self-esteem.

Although social media can be addictive one of the drawbacks is there is little to no privacy on social media sites. If you want information on someone, all you have to do is find him or her on social media. Most jobs are using this platform as part of the hiring process to see if the individual is fit for the job. Now a day's security companies has access to people personal data, which make the privacy almost compromised. Social networking sites such as Facebook have violated their privacy agreements. When a company goes back on its word and gives the general public access to information that a user had posted thinking it would be private, the government should be able to step in (""Social Networking and Privacy: Should the U.S. government mandate privacy rules for social networking sites?"") The U.S. government should step in and protect the people. If people cannot trust that, their information is not being giving out or used against them then why should they join these sites. Facebook gives your exact location, birthday, marital status, religion, family members, education, employment and recent places visited. People love sharing their personal thoughts, news, and accomplishments about what is going on in their personal lives; however, they are unaware of whose viewing this information and using this information. The use of their information will not just harm them but they are family and friends as well. The companies and owners of these social media sites are blaming the people for their lack of reading the guidelines and protecting themselves and their information. Social networking sites already provide enough privacy settings to protect user's information. If the users truly want to keep personal information private, they should not post it on the internet. (""Social Networking and Privacy: Should the U.S. government mandate privacy rules for social networking sites?"") Well that statement was a slap in the face. There are people who join these sites that do not understand or know how to read. Most people main purpose for using these sites is to reunite with family and friends they are not aware of the privacy settings.

Personal data can easily be hacked and shared on the internet. This can cause a great ordeal of pain on someone's personal life. Identify theft is another issue that can give financial losses to anyone by hacking their personal accounts. Several personal Twitter and Facebook accounts have been hacked in the past and the hacker had posted materials that have affected or ruin the individual's personal lives. This is one of the disadvantages of the social media sites and every user is advised to keep their personal data and accounts safe to avoid tragedies. (""Social Networking and Privacy: Should the U.S. government mandate privacy rules for social networking sites?"") Nowadays, many people do not worry about privacy while suffering the internet at every given moment. Identity hackers love social media sites because the sites give all your information. Most people use their birthday as pass codes and Facebook gives out exactly that. These social media sites gives hackers all the information they need to know to steal someone's personal information or identity theft. Social researchers are facing more and more challenges as criminal networks are expanding in size and moving towards the internet. (""Social Networking and Privacy: Should the U.S. government mandate privacy rules for social networking sites?"") Hackers are making a large profit by ripping people off on these social media sites and are recruiting people to join them.

Some worry that the usage of cell phones has gotten out of hand. Cell phones are a huge part of people's lives. Some people are loss without their cell phones and have to have it with them or on them at every given moment. Just like drugs, alcohol and social media sites, the usage of cell phones can be addictive as well. Americans are becoming increasingly addicted to their cell phones. Talking one, one's cell phone while driving is a dangerous practice that should be banned. (""Cellular Telephones: Have cellular telephones had a positive influence on modern society?"") Laws have been put into place such as no texting or talking on cell phones while driving especially in a school zone. The usage of cell phones has increased over the years and has raised many red flags. The new model vehicles has offered hands free allowing you to talk on the phone without actually holding the phone to help reduce accidents but that hasn't worked because some people still lose focus while talking and driving. Some schools and job sites have banned cell phones because people are talking, texting, or on social media sites. Cell phones has changed the way people interact with one another for example, instead of going out on a date and getting to know someone you can do all of that with your cell phone, talk, text and face time.

Although social media can be addictive, the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. The purpose of social media was to help people connect, explore, reading, writing and critical thinking skills. To being aware and mindful of how to use you information, you time, and not allowing these site to define you of who you are. Adding parental control on your kid's devices could help reduce their usage and protect them from cyberbullying. Social media sites are a great way to connect with family, friends, and colleagues but limiting your usage on these sites will help reduce your risk from becoming addictive.

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