The Effect of Social Networking on Businesses Today

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The Effect of Social Networking on Businesses today!   The general purpose for businesses using social networks is for communication, sponsorship, consumer research, community building, and for marketing. Each one helps a business grow in a huge way. These social sites are able to get the business publicity and get the word out about whom they are and what they do. Also the social media sites help build awareness of the business and is seen by billions (depending on site). Businesses are able to use advertising on social media to introduce new products or ideas of their business. Social media is also a way that all people are able to communicate 24/7 and share ideas and collaborate. Plus some of the people who see it could become customers, employees, partners, or suppliers for the business. Through media businesses are able to find out the likes and dislikes of customers and the businesses are able to communicate with the customers and get feedback. Eventually after getting potential clients & building up a community of people who follow your business, you will see these people will start to recommend others to your business publically. Now in everyday social media businesses use advertisements and online surveys on popular medias to get you to check out the website of their business. There are many social websites used by businesses for getting noticed. One common website is Instagram. Instagram is used by sharing photos, and videos to people on that social media. Facebook is another popular common media & one Facebook customers are able to like a business’s page and share it as a recommendation to their online friends. Twitter a common site is used to connect with people and can be used to tweet about the business and some of the products they are selling. Another social media that is common that businesses use is YouTube. YouTube is used by uploading videos of any length and it’s up for the whole world to see. This is a great way to promote a business. Snapchat is another social media that can be used to connect with followers of the business. The business can take photos of new ideas or upcoming products or just use the media to get feedback from the customers by taking photos and posting them on their story. Pinterest another media site is used to share new discovering’s or to post pictures or videos of a new interest. Linkedin is a common social media site, but it is only used to share your business profile and experience. Flickr, a common social media site that businesses can share photos and videos about their business. Pinterest is another common social media site that businesses can use. On Pinterest businesses can show visuals of items or ides and pin them to a new or existing board. This can help businesses show what they really do and provide for customers. The social media sit Vine is also a site that businesses can use. Vine is where people upload entertaining videos. A business can create funny videos involving there products or just videos that are trying to get the word out about the business. The site meet up is another common website that a business could use to meet up and connect with other people, customers or other businesses and give input. The website Tumbler is a website that a business could use. On the website a business can design, arrange and dedicate a whole page to supporting the business. The business could share video, photos, or just status updates about their latest work or products. The social site Tagged is a site where a business can search other profiles and share virtual gifts and play games. This site would be great for businesses to interact with there customers. The benefits to businesses that use social media sits are very rewarding and helpful to the business. One benefit of using social media for a business is spreading awareness and making it known. When using social media, a lot of people see what you post or updated your status to and what pages or businesses you’ve that means people will see the images of products and will learn about what your business is. If they like it they could like the page and share it with all there friends. Then you have a lot more people who are seeing your business and learning what it is about. Another benefit of using social media for a business is constant interaction with customer. Finding out about the likes & dislikes of the customers is very essential for your business. The customers are the reason for your businesses growth, so it is essential that you learn to work the business around the customers. Otherwise if the customers don’t like the way the business is operating and the business does not have communication with the customers, then the business will lose clients. Also a benefit from social media is customer loyalty. If customers see that the business is taking the time to actually hear the thoughts and ideas or complaints of them and take them into consideration. The customer becomes loyal and the business benefits by that in many ways as of the customer is willing to recommend and share encouraging words a both the business. Another example of benefits for social media is marketing expenses is more efficient. For example if you were to spend on dollar on a specific ad on a website you could gain just one result. But if you were to spend two dollars, then you could get 3 results, and that is because you’ve earned media. With social media a business can benefit by getting ahead of its competitors. The business can strategize ways to build their business above the competition. Three businesses that use social media sites are Target, Rue 21 and Home depot. The business Target uses the social media site Facebook. On Facebook Target shares new products and introduces new ideas to the public. Target uses the media to expand its audience or customers and tries to get t name out there and known. The business Rue 21 uses the social media site Facebook. On Facebook Rue 21 posts photos of new products and shares deals that are going on in a certain time period. They also use the media to connect to their customers and keep them updated. Also they use Facebook to market their products widely throughout Facebook. The business Home depot uses Facebook to give updates on products and deals that are coming up on them. Home depot uses media to market and communicate with their customers. Also they use the social media to stay on top of their competitors and see how they can do better as a competing business. Arnold, Tyler. “The Purpose of Social Media for Business.” 10 Nov. 2013. Web. &lt;;. Collins, Ian. “5 Common Uses for Social Networking and the Effect on Your Target Audience.” <i>Blogussion RSS</i>. 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