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One of the inventions of 20th century is social networking. Social networking sites such as Face book, we chat, instagram and Twitter have gained popularity around the world. Though social networking site does serve good purpose but the negative impact overshadows it. According to research, it points out that an eminent scientist has warned that the social networking sites are causing changes in the intellect of the adolescent users (Derbyshire, 2009). Thus, social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter cause more harm than good in terms of negative health effects, the negative educational effect and ineffective productivity in the office.

Social networking sites results in the negative health effects. According to Rosen, he released a study concluding that teenagers and young adults who spend maximum of their time on Facebook are atman alarming risk of developing psychological disorders, including mania, paranoia, aggressive tendencies, and antisocial behavior (Couts, 2012). Such characters are not suitable for the young users as face book and twitter consume majority of people's time. The use of computers, mobile phones, and various gadgets for long hours causes eye strain, physical and mental stress. Many students excessively waste time on these sites and do not take their meals on time. Moreover, they forget to take rest and enjoy the leisure period, which is extremely essential for the proper functioning of the brain. If the brain is deprived of rest, effects are high blood pressure, stroke, depression and heart attack. Not just by using social networks but also by following the stunts and other crazy stuffs that are being shared on it, the people tend to do those stunts in real life resulting to health injuries and even death. For example: bikers doing unnecessary stunts, people doing jump over the trains and other life-threatening stuffs.

Majority of the students focus on the accessibility on social networking sites and it reduces the interest on education. It is hard for the students to concentrate in the class as they spent more time on these sites and less time in studies. Moreover, students do not do homework and activities on time which leads the student's failure in the academic performance. ""We can see that students lack the ability to communicate and concentrate during the school hour because more than 150 million signed up for the Face book and more than 6 million uses Twitter which affect the brain of the students. By signing up for the Face book and Twitter, students play game which again effect in the educational field"". (Derbyshire, 2009). As children spend much time in Facebook and Twitter, they are use to with abbreviation and they use those abbreviations in the writing skills leading to poor writing. Students do not listen to the lectures, and they waste time by chatting with friends and families, instead of reading and practicing what they have learned in school.

The social networking sites decrease the productivity in the office or organization. Employers tend to waste time on these sites rather than doing effective work. According to Nucleus Research, 237 randomly selected office workers were interviewed about their usage regarding Face book and came out with the conclusion that 77% of workers have a Facebook account and moreover one in every 33 workers creates their Face book profile during office work (Necleus Research, 2009). This shows that many employees spend extra time on the Facebook and their dedication to work decreases which reduces the productivity of the work.

Due to people spending more time on social networking sites, users get addicted to it and cause themselves harm in important sectors such as health, education, and diverts worker from work task. Students and employees set their mind on Facebook and Twitter update which diverts their concentration from their main work. Social networking sites might have proven to be beneficial in several ways but the number of users in Face book and Twitter increases, bad effect from it keeps on adding and gets complicated to search for solutions. Social networking has become so much the norm, for adults and children alike, that non-participation can result in feeling excluded and even socially ignored (Bloxham, 2010). So lastly by looking at the above paragraph facebook and twitter causes more harm.


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